The Problem With Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Man’

Taylor has had a long time in the music industry and she got what many artists can only dream of: longevity. However, lately, it seems like Taylor has assumed the role of the feminist martyr in the music industry while no one asked her to. 
She has voiced for quite a while that misogyny is an impediment in her career. Remember the Scooter Braun feud and everyone affiliated with it? Yeah, not a good idea to have a public beef. But apparently she enjoys those as she keeps getting into one after another. From DJs she has dated, to producers, fellow singers, managers, and many others who probably haven’t had their issues with her publicized. Now let’s talk directly about her new song The Man.

Taylor Swift’s new song ‘The Man’

Taylor sings ‘I would be complex/ I would be cool/ They’d say I played the field before/ I found someone to commit to‘. Here’s some news Taylor, people DO say that to young women and encourage them to date until they find the right one. Lori Harvey anyone? Yes, there are ish talkers, but that girl is mostly getting applauded for doing what rappers usually do, date around. A lot.

Moving on to ‘And that would be okay/ For me to do/ Every conquest I had made/ Would make me more of a boss to you‘. Apparently you are not keeping up with how much of a boss people consider Jennifer Lopez. This woman was married 3 times, had numerous relationships, and she just killed it at the Super Bowl Halftime Show! Jennifer’s body of work overshadows by far her personal life. Take a note or two Taylor. Every conquest Jen made, made her more of a boss to everyone. But that is not what we define her by.

Next: ‘I’d be a fearless leader/ I’d be an alpha type/ When everyone believes ya/ What’s that like?‘. Hum… so you are saying that you are not considered a fearless leader, that you are not seen as an alpha type, that no one believes you and that by definition, because you are not a man, female artists are none of these as well? Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Let me enumerate a couple of female musicians that are alpha leaders with an unshakeable reputation: Gwen Stefani (making double-digit millions with her L.A.M.B clothing line), Beyonce (Tidal shareholder, owner of Parkwood Entertainment, founder of Ivy Park and mother of three!!!), Rihanna (do I even need to remind everyone that Fenty Beauty is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion??? THREE BILLION DOLLARS), Celine Dion (founder of Nickels Restaurant food chain, owner of Le Mirage Golf Club and Schwartz’s Restaurant, also owner of the famous night club Pure, located at Caesars Palace), etc. The common denominator Taylor, is that these women worked for decades and decades and professed their feminism through their actions. I have never encountered a more anti-male feminist like you. You are basically putting all men in one box, and all women as well. The world does not work like that.

Then comes in the hook ‘I’m so sick of running/ As fast as I can/ Wondering if/ I’d get there quicker/ If I was a man/ And I’m so sick of them/ Coming at me again/ ‘Cause if I was a man/ Then I’d be the man/ I’d be the man/ I’d be the man‘. 1st and foremost, no one is pushing you to run anywhere. You are rich, famous, have loyal fans, are supported by a huge amount of celebrities, so whose approval are you seeking? If you are competitive by nature and are getting sick and tired of it, work on yourself. Go to behavioral therapy, but don’t act like someone is making you do anything. And no need to wonder if you’d get there quicker (there where Taylor?), answer is you wouldn’t. Au contraire, it is most likely you have earned a lot of privilege and attention by being a WOMAN. No one wants to be your enemy and hear you complain about them in public. So out of fear, I assume, damn near every celebrity supports your feminist agenda. Do you even have a clue how many male independent artists are trying extremely hard to make it in the music industry and most never even manage to get their foot in the door? Maybe you should go undercover in underground hip hop clubs and see how hard they really got it.

The song goes on on the same note, but I don’t have time for that. In conclusion: her song is far from reality, it only reflects the mental bubble Taylor is in, and it diminishes the value of real boss ladies around the world, while it overestimates the advantages of being a man. I am an artist too, a woman myself, with a brother and a father. I have experienced misogyny on my skin in this world as well. But I never complained about it. I worked ten times harder when I had to. I guess the question is, why we, female musicians, just play the cards we were dealt, while you feel so victimized as to make it all about you? And trust me, there is plenty of downsides in society to being born a man too. But they are not as mainstream because men are supposed to be tough and not share their true feelings and emotions, remember? While you sing loud about how much of a victim you are, you are promoting the old, ridiculous stereotypes about men too. Get a grip on yourself and understand that WE ARE EQUAL.

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