Let’s Talk About 6ix9ine’s Post-Prison Triumphant Comeback

Tekashi’s life and career are more entertaining than any reality TV show in history. And while many may not like it, his music TOO is incredibly charged and feels like a shot of B12. You see, this kid genuinely enjoys what he’s doing and does NOT care about what me or you got to say. A sincerity that disturbed many well-known legends of hip hop (hi 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill). A spirit that has overthrown the whole hip hop respect-those-before-you type of cult and mentality. Daniel Hernandez just came in the game and was like Fk you, Fk you, and Fk you too. Many ridiculed him while rapidly and surely his catchy tracks were sneaking in the back of their mind and next time they heard his songs, were bopping the fk out of it and the youth… don’t even get me started. They LOVE him. Who wouldn’t love rainbows, energy, curvy women, colored hair, bunch of tattoos and rebellion as this world hasn’t seen in AGES.

”Are you dumb, stupid, dumb, huh?” watch how EVERYONE’s caption on instagram turns to THIS. He’s clowning on everyone that came after him, that talked smack about him, and wished he’d stayed in prison forever. I admire his vocal chords for not breaking under all this yelling and screaming he’s doing. I see him as the Lil Jon of this generation. You see, this type of hip hop always had a spot in the public’s heart. They just CLICK with the savage inside you. And after Lil Jon’s departure from the limelight, there was no one to take the exact same genre and just go NUTS with it. Daniel Hernandez did. And he won big time. Gooba got 40 MILLION VIEWS IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS, 3 MILLION LIKES, AND OVER 400K COMMENTS. I know of NO OTHER artist to have this rate of engagement. Cardi B was on her way to get to such levels, but she dipped too soon. She literally got hot for a minute and then… silence! Are you dumb, stupid, dumb, huh?
Tekashi is a freaking genius. Or really crazy. And he’s the antidote to Billie Eilish’s sleepy music. If she puts you to sleep, Tekashi will wake you TF up. And he’s got a really charming personality. Hate him as much as you please, but you WILL NOT pause his music videos. You will listen all the way till the end. In a very weird way, we’ve seen the rise, fall, and rebirth of a legend. And he’s only 24. He is entertaining, puts out good music, is incredibly funny and doesn’t take anything too seriously, is unapologetically himself, trumpets his own greatness with every ocassion and backs it all up. I am sorry old hip hop heads, BUT Daniel Hernandez took everything that was thrown at him and turned it into an opportunity. Someone else with an entire team of publicists and spokespeople would have said: do not do songs about your snitching, let’s focus on something else. He did what everyone NEVER thought he would do: confronted all the gossip and nay-sayers HEADS ON. Honestly, if only we could have an ounce of his self-confidence, we’d all be rockstars.
Maybe caution SHOULD BE THROWN out the window. Maybe music sometimes should be as crazy as it gets. And just maybe, that’s when our luck pops up. Apparently the Universe likes unapologetic artists.

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