Why Trollz Flopped After Debuting At No. 1 On Billboard

Tekashi 6ix9ine wanted that number one spot and he got it, but was it worth it? Trollz made history on two equally important fronts: the 40th song in Billboard history to debut at number one, but also the steepest fall from that number one spot EVER. Meaning that no other song in human history fell so low so fast. It’s almost like he got an Oscar and a Razzie at the same time. Why that happened though? Read below.

From afar, it was obvious Tekashi had bad blood with the whole music industry. The feud with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber when he felt Gooba (his first release since he got out of jail) was robbed of the top spot, countless Instagram videos outing the marketing strategy the industry employs to influence charts, beef with plenty of other artists just because, and overall negative vibes despite a very successful deal and freedom that someone else may have never got it. At some point, Tekashi started feeling like a bump in the road for the music industry, and that led me to think that Billboard will indeed give him the number one spot so he can stop bitching about it, but they’ll also do something nasty to him/his music to show him who’s the boss at the end of the day. He was not going to give up until he got that spot, but… his reputation got tarnished along the way.

We didn’t care about the whole snitching thing, we cared about his music. Gooba delivered while Trollz felt like a mellow remake: same rainbow colors, same imagery, kittens instead of puppies, same fashion choices, overall a copy/paste type of work. And actually, slightly subpar if you ask us. If Gooba was filled with energy and IDGAF moments, Trollz was blah. The presence of Nicki Minaj didn’t surprise anybody, neither did her bars, weird facial expressions, image, looks, makeup, wigs, lingerie. It felt like they took Nicki from FEFE and prolonged her performance in Trollz. And that Tekashi 6ix9ine’s soft speaking voice. WTH was that my dude? terrible! that is not why we like you. You are not Justin Bieber, you are not famous for swag vibes. You are a legend for your likeliness to Lil Jon more than to modern rappers. You yell, you go mad, you are bouncing off the walls with your attitude and energy, and that’s why you got hardcore fans. I don’t know what was in your head, but it was not the right choice.

Trollz was destined to flop because it was super hyped in advance but it failed to meet our expectations. Promises of breaking the internet, of making an unforgettable song, of showing us things never seen before, they were all just… lies really. Or an exaggerated estimation of the reality. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s fans were READY to go hard for the new release, but then it felt like a big bubble burst when we actually saw the music video. If we added Gooba to our playlist, we never even replayed Trollz. It’s a one-time play type of song. And maybe start collaborating with other artists than Nicki. She seems to have used up all of her imagination and versatility. She’s just no fun to listen to anymore.

Let’s hope that Tekashi 6ix9ine won’t decide to retire now that he finally got a number one song. Reminds of someone else who wanted an Oscar badly and when he got it, it was for a rather mediocre movie compared to his previous roles.

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