Summer High by Jordyn Sugar, A Rich Pop Tapestry Woven For Sunny Days

I’ve always wanted to write a summer song! I also grew up loving ’80s music and got equally inspired by 2010 hits like Rather Be by Jess Glynne and California Gurls by Katy Perry. When I met up with Clifford, the music producer, I was able to play the drums for him and from there he was able to replicate the sequence from memory in the chorus of the record. In about 6 hours we had the demo ready,” shares Jordyn Sugar from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Summer High reestablishes in the consciousness of Pop fans how good music can make efficient use of synthetic AND organic instruments to render a final, authentic product fit for global, commercial appeal.

Only 4 seconds in after a curtly repeated Summer, summer, summer, you’re my summer high the smashingly clear voice of Jordyn commences the orchestration without a fuss or buildup.

Last night I forgot to tell you how I feel / Cause I’m shy, didn’t want anybody to hear/ So I lied and I walked alone thinking ’bout you, you, provides the singer a summer love vibe for the listener. Jordyn Sugar sports that innocent first-love tinge where shyness is a big factor and consequentially, a great inspiration for teen bops. Although Summer High can easily be considered the perfect record for young summer crushes, it also checks the boxes for a bonafide radio hit should it land on the charts in the near future.

The following pre-hook adds more color and further embellishment to the pre-established narrative: Oh, baby no/ Don’t go/ ‘Cause inside you got me like. Sort of like when you were 16 and in love but couldn’t move or form words and took it extremely personal if your crush had to leave you to go help his mom out with the grocery bags 😀

Now the chorus is one inescapable earworm! While the outstanding quality of it is featuring flagrant ’80s music influences. The latter is most noticeable via the retro organ pipe during the summer repetition: Landslide, when I’m looking in your eyes/ Give something that I like/ You got me waiting/ You’re my summer high/ Hold tight/ I really want you tonight/ The stars are burning so bright/ You got me waiting/ You’re my summer high/ Summer summer summer high/ Summer summer summer You’re my summer high (x2)

The second verse is mightily familiar for it steps in the shoes of verse 1 abiding by the same classic guitar and finely crystallized vocals: Next year, you’ll be somewhere else you won’t be here/ I’ll lose my shot if I don’t do my part and be clear/ Imma try, to tell you the way that I’m feeling Ohhh yaaa ohhh. Yup, young summer crush vibe confirmed. Oof! Life is so much fun when your main concern is expressing your feelings! Kids, live your coming-of-age years because they will not repeat themselves. Ever. Again.

Before it reaches the end, Summer High culminates in a contrasting, slowed-down, much more tranquil bridge: You give me that summer vibe/ Yeah in the morning/ Driving around in the night/ You’re so fine/ I’m getting summer high when I’m around yah/ Will you be mine, will you be mine That’s what I like.

Jordyn Sugar and her team came up with a magical yet highly danceable Summer High bop catering to young adults and the fun feelings transmitted through the amalgamation of organic and synthetic components.

Song Credits: Jordyn Sugar – Singer, Songwriter; Vito Luprano – Executive Producer; Flavio Martincowski Jr. – Sound Engineer; Rasmus Viber – Songwriter; Clifford Goilo – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Jordyn Sugar by streaming Summer High on Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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