5 Disastrous Consequences Of Purchased Streams, Followers, Views

Sometimes Indie artists seem to think that they know better than anyone and somehow will be part of the 0,0001% who just make it overnight and the shortcuts they try to take won’t cost them their careers. Wrong. It’s better to assume you’re part of the statistical majority and work your behind off until you get “lucky” than to shoot yourself in the foot with fake streams, followers, views, comments, support. While we gave you a general outline of just how grave are the consequences of fake it till you make it, today we’re diving really deep into what this means for you now and in the future.

5. You Will Have To Rebuild Or Quit Your Career Sooner Or Later.

Meaning you will get to a point where you’ll get tired of faking your clout and will have to build from scratch your entire artistic existence or you’ll decide it’s just not worth it anymore and quit. No one likes to work in the dark for numbers that they know are fake. Funnily enough, even if you’re talented, you will start questioning yourself after a while as you’ll realize over and over again that real people, who care about what you release, are a lot fewer than the bots you employed. The most likely to quit are adult singers as they often don’t have the energy to start from zero while teenagers still have time to learn from their mistakes and establish a real career.

4. You Will Be Severely Downgraded By The Algorithms.

Because the baseline of engagement, followers, comments, and likes is heavily inconsistent. When your traction is real, there tends to be either a very consistent rate of feedback from fans or incremental progress that’s easily traced back to the initial releases. Meaning when we go watch your old videos, we see you started from 1000 views 5 years ago compared to the 50k a day you get today. The algorithm KNOWS when you are trying to take shortcuts and it will stop showing your content, both past and future, to new, real people.

3. You Will Lose Money On Inefficient Ads.

Because you won’t know who to target and the associated metrics with your top supporting audience. How do you think managers and labels know exactly where to send their artists to tour, especially if it’s the first time? Analytics and insight data. What do you think happens when you mess with this vital data by buying fake engagement? You are creating artificial data that is absolutely lethal to any sustainable, real music career. And subsequently, you’re stealing money from yourself as standardized ad campaigns, like the new Smart Audience tool from Meta, will adjust themselves based on your existing fans. If they come from places like Russia or India while you sing in French and your intent is NOT to build a fanbase in those countries, well, you’re now stuck with the algorithm trying to push you in those areas.

2. You Won’t Have A Foundation To Build From.

While we sure hope you never engaged in this fake clout scam, if you did, you know exactly how it feels like when you’re organizing a giveaway and no one signs up. Or when you put merch out and no one buys it. When you shoot a high-end music video and it gets no views unless you, again, buy fake clout for it. When you post up hard-worked reels on IG and no one seems to have anything to say about it. You have deprived yourself of any real chance of building a real career that will sustain you financially and mentally for the rest of your life.

1. Anybody That’s Worth Something Will Be Unlikely To Work With You.

Gone are the days when music industry professionals could be fooled by fake Soundcloud streams (yes, Travis Scott is exactly who we had in mind) or by artificially inflated Spotify numbers. There are services and companies that audit artists to the smallest of metrics and publicists, managers, labels, all use them. It is scarily easy to find out exactly how many inactive users are likely to be bots, how many streams are fake, how many comments are copy/pasted without real value. If you’re a musican, please know there is a whole new industry within the industry that makes sure to verify the validity of a new artist. So here’s the sad part: your music might be slapping and be flawlessly produced but if those engagement numbers are fake, nobody will get in your corner. You’re a problem before you even started. That’s bad business ethic and a total sh*tshow for the promoters to figure out where to even begin promting you and to what audience.

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