Ruins by Drew Schueler and Kiki Halliday, How A Perfect Pop Ballad Sounds Like

From Nashville, Tennessee, two young artists are recounting their instant connection now transposed to a formidable Pop ballad: “The day we wrote Ruins was actually the first day Kiki and I met. It only took a few minutes of us talking to realize we both viewed relationships very similarly, in a hopeless romantic kinda way. We both wanted to write a song about the uncertainties of a relationship, and holding on to something or someone, even until there is nothing left to hold on to.

Drew Schueler and Kiki Halliday penned a record so sincere that it murmurs love and spotless sound design from the instant you hit play. Read on to discover why they won our hearts at Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Did anybody say Alessia Cara with a tad more sweetness in the timbre? Because that’s exactly how one would describe Kiki Halliday’s vocals. Following a sort of romantic resignation vibe, the guitar strums and leads into the opening lines: Maybe it’s broken or maybe it’s one of a kind/ But darling be careful you’re holding this glass heart of mine. Those pitch modulations are everything! They seem so simple yet so complicated to achieve without sounding like a struggling goat if you’re not a professional singer. Jokes aside, the girl has tremendous strength and control albeit the notes seeming linear for now.

Oh ’cause I don’t want to be precious/ I don’t want to be precious no more/ I’m sick of always being anxious/ Why we always gotta be so unsure?, ramps up the energy and emotions the singer. Then she whimsically adds on a higher pitch while accompanied by the very somber, tranquil chords in the background: But I’ll stick around till the glorious end/ Watch it burn out from the inside again/ Guess we found solace so close to the edge /Watch as it falls into ruins.

The gloomy grandeur continues on during the hook: Ruins, ruins/ Falls into ruins, ruins. The respective segment is ample and lands strongly for it uses both female and male vocals. The melding of the two is opportune as the following verse is sung by the male artist, Drew Schueler: I know it’s reckless we’re swimming against all the tides/ It feels like we’re drowning, you tell me just hold on tight. The remarkable voice is robust, potent, and larger-than-life sounding. The apogee of Drew’s delivery takes place on the following portion of the song: Oooh yeah, I just wanna feel weightless/ I just wanna feel weightless with you / Oooh, Thought that we could be the greatest/ But nothing seems to go our way/ Yeah it’s true.

You’re so afraid of your past/ And you’re so afraid it won’t last, take turns singing the two artists. The lyrical weight is summarized in these two lines at the end thus reinforcing the basis upon which Ruins was written in the first place.

Ruins is a modern Pop ballad that renews the perspective on melancholic music which we’ve collectively decided to leave in the past with Adele’s 25 album. We just need fresher voices, newer lyrics, and deeper meanings.

Song Credits: Kiki Halliday – Singer, Lyricist; Drew Schueler – Singer, Lyricist, Producer, Mixing engineer

Make sure you support Kiki Halliday and Drew Schueler by streaming Ruins on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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