5 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Music As An Introverted Musician

The one major introvert coming to mind that was beloved by many and forgotten by none is Kurt Cobain. What’s even more mind-shattering, is the fact that PLENTY legendary names in the music industry were/ are of a reserved nature. So how do you cope with promoting your music when you’re an introverted artist in today’s extensively oversharing digital realm? Read below to see the 5 tested ways that will bring you peace of mind and a tangible alternative to putting your face out there 24/7.

5. Build Your Brand Around Your Personality.

Assuming that you know who you are, as an introverted individual who likes creating music and performing it, you will have to nurture and create a public persona that embraces your true nature. Never do things you are not comfortable with. So if you don’t like doing TikTok trends, DON’T DO THEM. Also, if you’re truly that shy, DO NOT write songs about being the center of the party and going home with different people every night. There’s nothing wrong with living life and experimenting but if what you write is what you THINK people will like, instead of writing what you ARE, you are setting yourself up for failure. Even when you’re creating that melodic baseline and those first lyrics, ask yourself: is this truly who I am or am I writing for public perception? You will EASILY attract the right audience and promote your music organically IF you stay authentic and honest about the nature of your character in all aspects that comprise being a musician. This also includes the way you dress, speak, give interviews, post on social media, caption your announcements, shoot your music videos, etc.

4. Make FOMO A Core Feature Of Your Digital Existence.

For Boomers, FOMO is acronym for Fear Of Missing Out. Once you’ve truly incorporated principle number 5 into your music career, it’s time to think strategically aboout your marketing. So how does one push his music when he doesn’t do dance trends or social challenges? He/She becomes exclusive and precious with their presence. Everything you post has to mean something. Everything you say has to be substantial. All shows you do must be epic. All music you release must be of the highest quality. The few pictures you do post up, have to be brimming with artistic essence. You have to put thought and intent behind every single thing that comes out your mouth/camera/phone. By repeatedly delivering value to your listeners/followers, you accustom them to the idea of epicness. You basically educate your audience that you DON’T and WON’T show up unless it really matters. So when you announce a live stream for an album exclusive listening party, make sure it’s closed doors, with limited tickets, and won’t be ever again reposted anywhere else. Remember the scarcity creates value? That is FOMO at play. Your fans will treasure your events/shows/merch/announcements/live streams when they know they don’t repeat themselves again and won’t be available anywhere else in the world afterwards. So embrace FOMO and live by it.

3. Start With The Right Foot OR Correct The Past To Align With The Present And Future.

If you’re barely starting out, you’re very lucky if you’re reading this now as you know from what angle to approach your creative process as well as your branding. But what if you wrote music that didn’t represent you in the past (this often happens with Rap artists) and now you realize that you’re introverted and don’t want to put yourself out there as much and would rather write about life lessons than b*tches and cars? Well, you write a takedown request to your digital distributor and do away with the catalog that doesn’t represent you anymore. Yup, you have to separate your past music from your true introverted self if the two don’t align. You WILL have the chance to re-release those songs if you feel all that remorseful about the effort that went in BUT you will do it at a much later time when you’ll have clearly established yourself on the market and crystallized the type of audience that follows your content.

2. Connect With Other Like-Minded Musicians.

Because you need to feel understood and connected. And FYI, there are A LOT of successful introverted musicians out there. Follow then on social media and pick up their marketing and branding strategies. You will see how they might post blurry content with cryptic captions, how they create artsy countdowns to releases that are never clear as to increase the mystery, how they network with other artists who are just as comfortable being solo flyers as they are. Fun fact: when you find your introverted group, everyone becomes extroverted. How do you find these musicians? You most likely admire them already and know their lyrics by heart. Take the extra step and reach out, say “hi, and thank you for the positive impact on my life.” You will be amazed at the doors that will open for you or at least BEGIN opening with this approach.

1. Maximize Your Live Performances.

You should be doing this regardless of your personality but ESPECIALLY if you’re an introverted artist. Despite your reserved nature, you do enjoy performing for other people. It might be the only time you get to feel in your element and like everything makes sense in your life. We know the feeling and we know for many it’s a call from God/ the Universe/ whoever you believe in. Music and artistry, inspiration and wordplay, have more to them than just the physical world we see and touch. Art is a miracle in itself and you’re part of it. So when you go in front of an audience, ALWAYS have a camera or two set up on tripods at different angles in the venue and record your show. You will have so much content to offer to your audience in the weeks and months to come without having to put yourself out there again. The repurposing of your performances can rake in a lot of attention, views, engagement. So make your favorite activities become a funnel for ongoing content.

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