10 Things You Don’t Realize As A Musician If You Are Not Using TikTok

This article is fun for two reasons. First being, if you use TikTok, you’ll realize how different your perspective has been shifted by the platform in understanding the world around you. Crazy, huh? And the second reason is that if you’re NOT on the platform, you will feel discombobulated by the very parallel life you’re leading while in the same world with everyone else who’s a loyal consumer of the short-form videos.

10. One second is a lot!

You can show 3 angles of your latest haircut in one second and everyone else on TikTok will have absolutely understood the video sequencing and message. The pace on the app is very high speed and everyone using it on a frequent basis got accustomed to the captions, timing, and manner of perception. This is a top feature that non-TikTokers are not used to.

9. A song does not need to be consumed in its entirety to decide if you like it or not.

Well, if a TikTok user’s brain got used to judging a video in less than a second, what do you think happens when they hear a sound? Pretty much the same thing. There is not much mystery or secret sauce in songs that go viral on TikTok other than people deciding immediately if a record clicks with them or not.

8. All genres are welcome!

Because now we have a larger market than ever for every musician under the sun. If you’re a Rock musician, there is a big market for you. If you create Psychedelic House, you guessed it! There is a place for you too. Long gone are the days when you had to stick to a certain sound or narrative to be taken into consideration by music fans across the world. Now you are in charge of what you put out and how you find your ideal audience but there IS an audience for every single tune in the Universe. Music made from leaves and plants included.

7. Spirituality is a big thing.

There is something very curious and beautiful at the same time about the TikTok crowd. The amount of rags-to-riches stories are so many and so diverse that you do, indeed, begin believing yourself in the power of the Universe and manifesting. There were so many TikTokers that simply went viral with ONE video and their life changed overnight. You can’t help but feel that there is something greater at work than just algorithmic selections. This thinking baseline also leads the TikTok users to only hear out certain music and stick to certain videos. To many of them, a sad song will manifest sad things in their lives so they steer clear of it. This is an encouraging thing for the musicians that are closely connected to the music and messages they put out.

6. Old clothes and vintage items are a hot sell.

Both visually and emotionally. TikTok allowed for the introverts to display and dive very deep into their love for the Victorian era, old Dolce & Gabbana bags, retro cars, dusty Vinyls, and vintage jeans left from grandmas across the nations. In actuality, there is a new, cute trend where the family inheritance is considered to be the closet full of well-kept items passed on for generations and you flex with it on TikTok while everyone is losing their sh*t in the comment section. This is a major blessing in disguise for a plethora of musicians as creative souls, by thumb rule, often lack finances. So if you make music and don’t have coins for new drip, you will be very welcome in your old items on the platform. 2000s cheap-looking tank tops are included 😀

5. Musicians are here to help people and not to be venerated.

This is bad news for old-school folks as back in the day, most musicians were separated in perception from the normal class of everyday people. They were seen as demi-Gods pretty much and could do no wrong. Now the status of being a musician has been tremendously leveled to the rest of the humanity and you are held accountable for your actions. It is expected of your music to help people feel less alone, more seen, more loved, and deeper connected to the purpose of their life. If your song is just about f*cking b*tches left and right, don’t even try to appeal to the TikTok crowd.

4. Jacks and Jacquelines of all trades are awesome.

Because Boomers were brainwashed into thinking that you can only be successful if you become the master of one field and one field only. This thinking plagued our society for so long until TikTok came along and we all collectively realized that we have many, many talents and they can all work together to put the food on our table and clothes on our back. There are musicians who are software engineers, singers who are veterinarians, composers who are farmers, and songwriters who run pet shelters. Needless to say, if you’re a creative soul and not putting yourself out there on TikTok, you’re missing out on a community that will embrace you and appreciate you.

3. Vulnerability is sexy.

Musicians on TikTok pulled the curtains back on the songwriting process, the events that inspired the creation of said records, and also, the struggles they go through due to their careers. And guess what? People love them even more for it. If on IG, most musicians are only putting on a show of positive experiences and flawless looks, on TikTok you get their morning faces and behind-the-scenes tears that you won’t see anywhere else.

2. Imperfections make you perfect.

In tandem with number 3, is number 2. Showing your blemishes and red spots before putting on your makeup is a refreshing, soul-touching experience. Content of such authenticity is mega relatable to people of all ages, women in particular, and it quickly gains you, the musician, favor with the audience. Show that ish on Facebook and you get unfollowed by most of your friends. Equally, however, if you’re the type of artist uncomfortable showing your true self to the fans, TikTok is not the place for you.

1. Effort is appreciated but too much of it is a turn-off.

We just got done watching on TikTok a visual artist running underwater in heels with a toaster in her hands. It was a hilarious bit and we appreciated it. But at times, you will also stumble upon videos of try-harders who look cringey and act cringey. You might be calling them attention wh*res. To be clear, they exist in male and female form. They aren’t fun and you can taste the superiority complex oozing through the screen. TikTok rewards musicians for genuine effort and drowns out those who create too much negative feedback in the comment section. What a time to be making music!

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