The Way It’s Supposed To Feel by Daniel Herr, The Perfect Ballad For Daydreaming About THAT Guy

Currently in Nashville, Tennessee, but born in Zurich, Switzerland and raised in Paris, France, the international talent of Daniel Herr will make him a favorite with many audiences from many cultures. Daniel Herr is the type of artist whose artistic strength is so undeniable that regardless of your go-to genre, you’re left thinking how lucky you are to have come across such a voice and performer. The Way It’s Supposed To Feel is, as a matter of fact, the dream song of many ladies trying to tame the tireless bachelor and the singer is so good at soulfully delivering his record that one might just start believing fairy tales are true.

“My friend asked me to sing an original song at her wedding and while I was trying to figure out which song to sing, I realized most of my songs at the time were about how much love sucks! Most of my relationships up until that point had ended pretty tragically… So I wrote a song imagining what it would feel like when I do meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. It’s kind of funny because my friend ended up not letting me sing this song for the ceremony because the first lines talk about how many lovers I’ve had! So I ended up performing another piece for her while I wound up with the song that I love!” shares Daniel Herr exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

With a wonderful voice at his command, the artist warmly beckons the public with the introductory lyrics: I’ve been a lover to many others/ Before you baby/ And I would wonder if someone better/ Was waiting for me/ And so I’d run from one and off to the next/ Chasing something I wasn’t so sure exists. To best describe Daniel Herr’s timbre, we’d say think of John Legend mixed with Sam Smith. The raspiness of John Legend is all there and Sam Smith’s vocal control is all there too. And what more could you ask for? (sigh in normal)

The guitar raises the singer’s voice even to higher appreciation levels and that is especially true around the hook: And this is the way it’s supposed to feel/ I can be still with you, I can be real/ Ooh, this is the way it’s supposed to feel/ Like heaven is next to you, a space I’m meant to fill/ The way it’s supposed to feel. The remarkable feat achieved by the songwriter on this section is the very fact that he managed to craft a catchy chorus for an otherwise slow-paced song. Ballads tend to bore people to death unless they’re very desperate and have no money for therapy whereas Daniel Herr’s ballad makes you believe in love again. Incorrigible bachelors, only listen further if you’re willing to give up your old ways.

No doubt about it, in you I found it/ Thank God you were there/ I was tired, lungs on fire/ Gasping for air/ But I can rest on your chest and show you my scars/ It turns out I was chasing a love just like ours, sings the artist with notable tranquility veiled in pure emotion. Mighty interesting how true talent can work up an entire masterpiece with little to no instrumentation or studio processing.

The second chorus incorporates even more sentimentalism and risky vocal choices as you expect the singer’s voice to crack any moment, yet it never does. The vibrato reverberates with passion and acute control only being perceptible in the elongated higher-pitched endings. While most definitely employed on the low range as well, it is essentially hidden in the fade-out transitions between bars.

With distinguished touches of a master of his trade, Daniel Herr repeats the chorus and brings The Way It’s Supposed To Feel to an end. To summarize the experience, the song shows the capacity of the musician for melding bursts of passion and austere emotion with irreproachable vocalizations, touching lyrics, and impeccable organic instrumentation. Not to mention it mentally offers you an alternate reality where you actually got the guy that broke your heart.

Song Credits: Daniel Herr – Artist, Songwriter; Ben Johnson – Songwriter; Ryan Petersen – Producer; Sam Hunter – Electric Guitar.

Make sure you support Daniel Herr by streaming The Way It’s Supposed To Feel on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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