10 Fashion Brands That You Should Try Out As An Indie Artist (part 2/2)

We made sure to emphasize in part 1 how crucial it is for you, the indie artist, to steer clear from sporting the same over-worn brands in mainstream media. In part 2 we’ll dive even deeper into 5 other seriously cool brands that are rather niche and align with your values as an indie musician. Bonus? We tell you the genres they are most compatible with. Have fun and upgrade your wardrobe!

5. Danielle Guizio

Think 2000’s music meets Gen Z. Youthful in appearance, form-favoring, and definitely with a passion for crop tops, fashion brand Danielle Guizio was established in 2014 with women as the target audience at its core. The designer with the same name is based in New York but started her business out of her parents’ basement in Jersey with no financial funding.

Matching Genres: Aggressive Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Melodic Rap, New Age Rap, Old School Hip Hop.

4. Saint Sintra

Think modern ’80s. Freshly established in 2020 by a 25-year-old Sintra Martins, Saint Sintra has an obvious artsy touch to it paired with bright colors and daring cuts. From see-through tops to long fishnet skirts and medieval-inspired jackets, Saint Sintra is not a brand for the shy introverted folks. It’s more for the I’m-in-your-face-and-I-don’t-care-what-you-think type of people.

Matching Genres: Pop Rock, Trance, EDM, Electro, Glitch Hop, Pop House.

3. Private Policy

Think New-Age Royalty. Private Policy have their sh*t together. Excuse our French but the flagrant superior level of marketing, branding, and shop formatting is impressive, to say the least. Both men and women will feel at home with the pastel colors and intricate shapes. Private Policy was founded by SiYing Qu and Haoran Li in New York City priding themselves in giving a voice to independent thinkers via their original designs. Make Your Own Rules is the fashion brand’s slogan.

Matching Genres: House, Deep House, Chill Hop, Melodic Techno, Organic House.

2. Miaou

Think Matrix the movie but in colors. Miaou was founded in 2016 by Alexia Elkaim supposedly on a one-off pair of denim pants. The fashion designer was raised between three major cities that influenced the international vibes you witness in her pieces: Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Elkaim saw pretty much a meteoric rise after her body-hugging jeans went viral and insta-model become devout shoppers.

Matching Genres: Salsa, Latin, World Music, International, Tropical, Disco, Reggaeton, Dancehall.

1. Zadig & Voltaire

Think if Elvis Presley was born today. While far from being mainstream, Zadig & Voltaire is more popular than all the other 9 brands enumerated on this list, and that brings a plethora of advantages: more sale points, more accessible prices, more options, all while maintaining that independent, free, wild vibe. Established in 1997, the French fashion house deliberately and openly incorporates Rock moods and tendencies in its clothing and perfumes.

Matching Genres: Rock and all of its subgenres, derivatives, and tangent sonic creations.

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