Top 10 Best Indie Music Videos of 2021

This year was glorious in its visual releases from independent artists. The following list of the top 10 best indie music videos of 2021 is praiseworthy as pulling off such high-quality material without the backing of a major label or sponsor is herculean work. Also, these visuals confirm our music choice when it comes to BRE selecting only the best indie acts to review and work with. From Gospel, Rap, Rock, and Pop, to Alt-Indie and Country, we have a bit of everything to accommodate all tastes.

Note: You will find all artists’ Instagram handles directly linked within their names in the titles.

10. We At War by Mike B Berry

The hybrid Gospel singer/rapper from Houston Texas is nothing short of a musical and visual genius. We At War, one of Mike B Berry’s most successful releases of 2021, features a very simple concept: a white background led by the artist himself and the supporting vocalists. The white color inherently empowers the song’s narrative as white indicates purity and spirituality. Simultaneously, it allows the audience to concentrate on the song, lyrics, and emotions conveyed throughout the performance. This is one of those instances when less is more and Mike B Berry pulled it off seamlessly. We At War is a strong starting point that sets incredibly high standards for everyone else following Mike on the list. Read the full We At War review article HERE.

9. Clone by Levi Deadman

Released on the very first day of the new year, Levi Deadman’s Clone delights the public through its use of seemingly normal items in not-so-normal places. Take for example the main scene of Levi Deadman singing into the microphone but instead of being in the studio, he’s in the cemetery. The same goes for the outfit choices, the Death bride, and the casket that mostly sits on top of the ground and only towards the end goes down. And a seriously cool selling point of this music video is actually knowing that it was quite literally, handmade, “I dug the grave myself, built the coffin, and now repurposed the coffin as a throne for a rap battle I just had,” as per Levi’s admission. Read the full review article on Clone HERE.

8. Re-Up by Gasner The Artist

Besides being an exceptionally catchy Country song, Re-Up by Gasner The Artist boasts a fabulously professional music video. It has plenty of the lights and glamour we’ve all been accustomed to in the 2000s: a bunch of cool-looking microphones including the main golden one, the singer’s impressive chain stack on his neck and remarkable sense of taste in his jackets, a gorgeous stage setup, a vivid color scheme, a live band, and glittering drums. A visual creation that will have you developing rather instantly a respect of the highest degree for all Gasner The Artist does. Read the full review article on Re-Up HERE.

7. Slip N Slide by King P

From Tallahassee, Florida, King P is up for major congratulations for the blue badge he just got on Instagram. Slip N Slide, a big public favorite, is as much of an earworm as it is a complete work of summer vibes. What makes this visual unique is how much it shines a light on King P’s personality that’s memorably defined by high energy and bold colors. Standing at a staggering 200K+ views and with a choreography you’ll find yourself secretly wanting to learn and repeat, Slip N Slide makes for a most appealing summer and party time proposition. You can’t watch the colorful Miami-infused visual and not feel energized. Read the full review article on Slip N Slide HERE.

6. Dark Side by David Sparks

David Sparks is already a legend amongst professionals but now he’s on his way to building his own fanbase as an artist in the spotlight. The long-time music producer, manager, and artist shocks the audience with the constant high-quality concepts and imagery. Dark Side for one, is an arresting concoction of magical color grading, unbelievable makeup, astounding wardrobe selection, a contrasting emotional range, cool visual effects, excellent camera angles. Such a complicated concept would be a tough project to pull off even for the famous counterparts. David Sparks, however, doesn’t hold himself to the indie standards and did on a low budget what a full staff would achieve with sums north of $50K. Read the full review article on Dark Side HERE.

5. HOLY WATER by Code 106

Finally a Rock entry on the list! The bandmates at Code 106 outdid themselves with HOLY WATER. The cinematic feeling of the visual is proof of the Rock band advancing with compound interest. Flashing lights warning btw. A simple construct and storyline with the action taking place inside of a video studio from the looks of it but used in a most efficient way: the close-up shots of Chad Abnet’s eyes and expressive face, the gorgeous display of the instruments, the flickering effects, the all-black covered background people, the symbolism, the smart intercalated placement of the extras with the three musicians. Smart. That’s the keyword for HOLY WATER. Read the full review article on HOLY WATER HERE.

4. O is the Man by Oscar Biggs

Oscar Biggs just oozes that natural rockstar tendency. He doesn’t pretend to be one. He is one. O is the Man is Oscar’s latest release and his top product out yet. The impudent, daredevil persona of the rapper comes through the screen crystal clear with the dramatic lights, somber colors, leather jacket, seven scantily clad ladies, and his maniacal expressions. Thunderous, bold, and unapologetic, the three unmistakable traits of Oscar Biggs that are astutely reflected in the music video for O is the Man. Read the full review article on O is The Man HERE.

3. Gods Mission 808 by KYD Works

Let KYD Works show you how to enhance your lyrics through your visuals. The Rap artist embraces his dangerous and dark side within its limits enough to have you by the edge of your seat and yet vulnerable in places to show you he’s a living duality like all of us. Gods Mission 808 is spectacular. The music video gleams and shines through its contrast of urban settings versus luxurious interiors, its open display of machetes concomitantly with the added-on glaring wings, the two masked parents with the unmasked child, and so on. One wouldn’t know this is an indie artist if we didn’t tell you so. Read the chronicle written by KYD Works himself HERE.

2. Nothin’ Wrong by Hunter Root

If you need your mental peace and quiet be restored, turn to Hunter Root’s Nothin’ Wrong. At the core of Hunter’s visual simplicity stands strength and above-average confidence. The fact that the artist didn’t try to cover up that one blemish on his forehead makes this video a whole mood. Women will know to appreciate this masterpiece tenfold more than men will probably ever understand. The entire video screams of I’m comfortable with who I am, and this attitude is so contagious that by the time you reach the end of the video, you suddenly feel more hopeful about your entire life and bad decisions you’ve made so far. The whole concept of summer during winter, of flamingos amongst dried-out trees, of beach balls on snow, of a barely dressed Hunter with a visible fire far away, of a puppet with drawn-on abs while the singer has none just blows your traditional idea of normalcy and pulls you in. This is phenomenal. This is art. This is as good as number one. Read the full review article on Nothin’ Wrong HERE.

1. FEAR by Shilpa Ananth

Shilpa Ananth’s FEAR is in the voting round for a Grammy Consideration in the Best Global Performance category. Goes to show, we awarded the singer the rightful honor in 2020 of Best Independent Artist Of The Year. There’s no denying we’ll soon see Shilpa grace our screens and being recommended by YouTube worldwide. Now back to the ethereal visual for FEAR. How to put this nicely… We can’t. Shilpa just raised her caliber as an artist to the ranks of Beyonce. The theatrical ambiance, the movements, the settings, the astounding shots, the storyline, the professionalism of it all places FEAR number one on the list with no second guesses or debates. An artist worth her accolades. Read the full review article on FEAR here.

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