Top 10 Best New Rock Records To Add To Your Playlist

Albeit not being a mainstream genre at the moment, Rock music is actually growing exponentially both in emerging bands and hardcore supporters. Which truth be told, makes us happy. Happy because electric guitars, heavy drums, raw vocals, piano thrills, bass improvs, and that roaring feeling of bigger-than-life energy are quite literally, timeless. Never before have we been in more of a need for organic sounds and creations. These 10 Rock records are here to feed your mind and soul with exquisite lyrics, sounds, and vocals.

10. You Decide by SprayCan Picaso

You Decide packs a heavy message laid over a smooth funk-rock jam, making it irresistible to classic rock lovers. SprayCan Picaso established high expectations for their future releases with this single. The top standout element that makes you replay the song being that steady, sophisticated bass groove. We approve.

9. No Tomorrow by Brother My Enemy

A breathtaking acoustic rock ballad that absolutely deserves a top spot on your playlist. Whether you are in need of a break from radio regurgitated material, or feel a strong need to replay 2000s rock music, need look no further, Brother My Enemy will make your day with No Tomorrow. With vocals that will give you goosebumps, guitars that will engulf your soul with vintage vibes, and a message that will resonate with your own inner voice, this is the song you turn to for high-end quality rock.

8. A World Tomorrow by Bruno Skibbild

Apparently, rock artists have an affinity for the word tomorrow 😀 Bruno Skibbild masterfully meshed country music with rock and as a result, offers a great deal of optimism and encouragement to listeners of every age, gender, provenience. A World Tomorrow is an infectious rock record that will boost your mood and make you feel part of the crowd, as it points out we’re all so different and the same.

7. Judy by Castlecomer

Psychedelic vibes and stunning imagery, Judy is a remarkable rock experience for all music consumers. And we refer to it as something to be experienced as you can’t fully get the beauty of the song without the video. Castlecomer continues to bend the limits of rock music by adapting dance-like vocals, backtracks and thrills reminiscent of the ’80s pop music, and a modern mix style. Judy can easily steal parallel genre listeners’ attention, such as jazz, dance, pop, and indie.

6. Where We Call Home by Chris Waet

Chris Waet is making some serious waves with his first single, being a musical shock to friends that knew him and new fans alike. For a first official release, Where We Call Home sounds like it’s being performed by a seasoned band. An excellent earworm, a huge pleaser to audiophiles, and a seed of what we think will be a long-lasting career, Where We Call Home by Chris Waet will warm your heart up and overjoy you with a sensational guitar solo. A HUGE MUST on your rock playlist!

5. Move On by Anything But Human

The guys at Anything But Human have been going hard for a while now, amassing loyal fans and a reputation that only benefits them with every release. Move On, however, turned out to be their top catchiest song to date. It is of such exceptional appeal that even when digging deeper, one can’t find a single flaw to point out. If anything, you only get more hooked to it with every listen. The vocals are powerful, the music over-delivers and the lyrics are double-faceted. Complex and beautiful.

4. POLKA by CODE 106

CODE 106 have marked their entry in the rock market this year with the release of Polka, a record that underlines the band’s grunge tendencies but also their commercial potential, attracting 2 hugely different audiences. They mostly stand out for the liveliness they adapt in most of their songs. Let’s say that they can make melancholy feel like a pint of beer at your local pool hall. Rare and precious.

3. Fight Of My Life by MESSER

A bonafide modern rock record that will both entertain your mind and encourage your spirit. MESSER has compiled its absolute best elements in this one single. If someone wanted a taste of the finest rock music in 2020, this is the song we’d recommend them. Fight Of My Life unifies aggressive music with high ambition and determination to win over your own darkest thoughts, emphasizing how your best ally and equally your worst enemy is none other than… YOURSELF!

2. Always Yours by Jadukor

Jadukor oozes creativity and otherworldly talent in his Always Yours record. The song features metal vocals while remaining catchy, memorable, and instantly likable. In case you didn’t know how rare that is, the only other rock act that managed to achieve such a feature is Nightwish. We expect Jadukor to become a household name in the upcoming years and maybe even break into mainstream land. Oh, and add the mystery factor. Nobody knows who he actually is. Phenomenal!

1. Blow by One In The Chamber

Blow by One In The Chamber takes the crown as they’re an instant hit with Generation Z, the current trendsetters. Yes Millenials, we’re fading out of the spotlight. One In The Chamber does some pretty incredible stuff: they use genuine rock music as the foundation, dive in blurry lyrics, feature crystal-clear vocals, all while being stupidly cool. Usually, rock tracks lean towards vulnerability and exposing your darkest thoughts for the world to see, but not OITC. Their music, especially Blow, adds a stunning swag factor to the recipe. And honestly, there are not many rock songs that you can proudly show off to your friends without seeming a tad too sensitive, or as we used to call it, emo. We guarantee you will agree with them taking the 1st spot once you hit PLAY. You’re welcome!

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