Top 10 Most Romantic Songs Of 2021

Since you all love lists, we’re back at it with a tribute to love. Today’s featured songs are all about those fiery, eternally vivid, all-consuming feelings of love. From Country, R&B, Dance, and Rap, the following top 10 romantic records are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for a rose-filled period in a world of turbulence. And if the Law Of Attraction is truly what they say it is, then by listening to these songs you just might set off that energy in the Universe that you want to be manifested in your personal life. Enjoy and feel the love!

10. A Love Like Ours by Lovana

What else could you possibly need more than a sweeter-than-ever acoustic guitar and a matching soprano voice? A Love Like Ours is a heartfelt Acoustic Pop record that highlights all the positive aspects of finding your soulmate, like getting old together, building a home, feeling the butterflies, believing in the eternal promise. Even if you’re single, you’ll feel wholesome listening to Lovana’s masterpiece, which you can stream on Spotify HERE.

9. Si Tú No Estás by Nitro R

Reggaeton and Latino Music lovers rejoice! Nitro R’s record initially released in 2016 made waves again in 2021 when published along with other 3 songs on the V2 EP. If Lovana’s song was all about the spiritual side, Si Tú No Estás is a magnificent Slow Reggaeton composition all about that tango-like physicality that takes place at the beginning of all relationships. The details are inherently graphic and spicy! Perfect for the hot-blooded folks! You can find the song on Spotify HERE.

8. Iso by AmoBroBro

A bit of the Weeknd with a bit of Future, a dash of immorality, sexy music, a flirtatious demeanor. The definition of Romanticism! For players that is 😀 AmoBroBro’s Iso, is a sort of modern R&B grand slow-motion neatly adapted to satisfy Trap, Rap, and Chopped and Screwed fans alike. You ain’t never hear anything like it. You can add Iso on Spotify HERE.

7. Wishful Thinking by Jerrica White

Jerrica White’s Wishful Thinking is a novel creation wavering between Oriental influences, Ambient elements, and R&B vocals. The song is the second of a 3-part EP that’s titled Phase 2 and marks the triumphant comeback of the illustrious DMV-based singer. The bold Wishful Thinking touches on provocative thoughts like “She don’t know what you need/ You should be with me.” You can stream the song on Spotify HERE.

6. Take You Home by Joshua Flores

Albeit carnally charged, the narrative of Take You Home by Joshua Flores is executed in a most expensive, high-class style. Nothing gets too explicit, no borders are crossed, the content does not become rated R. We stan a smart songwriter. Musically, Joshua Flores combines the traditional 2000’s mainstream R&B delivery with the progressive, melancholic undertones à la Billie Eilish. Add this showpiece on Spotify HERE.

5. Twin Flames by Rufii

Rufii is that standout talent that seamlessly goes from Rap to Alternative R&B amalgamated with Dancehall undertones. That is Twin Flames for you. The collaboration record with Kadi epitomizes a love so encompassing, laid on a production most sublime, that it becomes the top iconoclastic showpiece Rufii has ever put out. Twin Flames depicts all facets of a true love, especially the hard times that come along confronted with the realization one can’t let go of the other even in the case of a potential breakup. “Should I go/ Will you change/ Or will you stay the same?” Add the song on Spotify HERE.

4. Re-Up by Gasner the Artist

Country artists are leading in the Romance department. What sets Gasner the Artist apart from the bunch is his songwriting ability. He is phenomenal at pairing generic messages,fireworks got me trippin’,with vivid imagery,In the back of my truck under the big dipper,” that helps the audience connect with the singer in a most authentic way. Re-Up can be added on Spotify HERE.

3. You Are Everything by David Sparks

R&B meets Pop and Rap. David Sparks manages to efface fear, doubt, resentment from our minds for a good four minutes and thirty seconds. The flawless blend of R&B vocals and the Pop-like instrumental of You Are Everything is the answer to your music prayers. We finally got a love song that’s sweet but not cheesy, adult but not inappropriate. Add this heart-melting song to your playlist on Spotify HERE.

2. Everything To Me by Alex Smart

If you want to feel how it’s like having a man put you on the highest pedestal, be loyal to you, love you, and want you forever, you go listen to Everything to Me by Alex Smart. Dedicated to his wife, Everything to Me captivates the audience with its irresistibly beautiful Country love letter overlaid on organic instrumentation and modern high-quality production. While at it, make sure you snoop through the rest of Alex’s catalog on Spotify. He’s almost too good to be true <3

1. Say You Love Me by Mark Klaver

And the first spot goes to… Mark Klaver! An artist of perceptible quality, delivering the audience an incredible vocal performance and soul-bearing lyrics on Say You Love MeWith mostly just a piano and light ambient touches, this ballad reverberates with individuality and creativity. Say You Love Me continues to make its way on playlists across the world albeit having been released in the summer of 2020. And how could it not? A love like THAT makes you weak to the knees: “I was fading away/ Just going through the motions till ya came around/ I thought you’d leave me/ But you stay/ You’re still here somehow/ Don’t let me down.” You can add the song to your Spotify favorites HERE.

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