10 Subjects You Can Easily Write Songs About (part 1)

We already covered previously how to move past the writer’s block (https://bluerhymez.com/2020/02/11/5-efficient-tricks-to-move-past-the-songwriters-block/). Today, however, we’re taking that a step further by actually giving you a list of 10 topics, with a successful example each, that you can write about at any given time. No more excuses!

10. An old friend

That you miss, or that you wish you had stayed in contact with, or that you actually lost. Human emotions are deep. And so is your personal experience. Put it in writing.

9. Family

If you were lucky enough to be born in a family, meaning you had a mother, a father, or both, chances are, you’ve seen your fair share of family drama and have been deeply impacted by it. Pour your heart out. Many people will relate.

8. God

Whether you’re a believer or not, you most definitely came to the current spiritual relationship you have/or don’t have with God, through a long series of reflections, questions, prayers. Share that with us. You might be surprised how many listeners and artists agree with you.

7. Bosses

We equally love and hate our bosses. They are such an essential component to one’s success or failure in life, that is quite unfair. You lost your best job you ever had? The boss’s fault. You got promoted and are now able to do more for yourself and your family? It’s the boss who put you in that position ultimately. Or how about if you work for yourself and are a boss 24/7? Write about that.

6. Adversary

Don’t you love a good diss track that leaves everyone’s jaw on the floor? The whole hip hop culture is basically built on THIS. Pen how it makes you feel, how it motivates you, how you’re better, what you’re gonna do about that, or why you just hate their guts. One of the most personal, enlightening, and fun experiences a songwriter can have.

5. An Idol

You know what’s humbling and disappointing at the same time when growing up? Realizing your once-idols are nothing more, nothing less, than human beings like you and me. Craft a dedication song, a timeless track that speaks your feelings about the deception, or gratefulness, that you experienced thanks to your idols.

4. The Child You Never Had

As much we wanna avoid this, very many young people go through this traumatizing experience. And equally, many artists have already touched this very sensitive subject: Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kid Rock, Neil Young, Kanye West, Nick Cannon, Dido etc. It’s gut-wrenching but therapeutical confronting your fears, assumptions, guilt, and overall acceptance of what happened and letting it go.

3. A Platonic Love Interest

It may be someone not even your best friend is suspecting. It may be someone you only met once and have fantasized a whole life alongside this stranger. Many creative souls fall in love incredibly fast and carry their hearts on their sleeves. And that’s okay. Now grab that pen and paper, and tell us what did you imagine, how’d you meet this person, and WHY it made you feel the way it did. It’s a weird, entertaining mix of wishful thinking, deep infatuation, and melancholy.

2. The One

Might be someone who got away, who broke your heart, who changed your whole perspective on life, your current boyfriend, girlfriend, husband etc. Whoever that special someone is in your life, they gifted you an incredible amount of everlasting emotions. It would be a shame not to freeze those feelings in time by addressing them in your songs. Maybe not as openly or as often as Taylor Swift, but you got the idea.

1. Your Fans

Everyone needs words of encouragement. Everyone wants to be loved, supported, understood. The fastest way to pen a true heartfelt letter to those listening to you, is if you imagine talking to your much younger self and try to pass on the advice you’ve learned, and what you wish you’d have known back then. Even therapists recommend that our internal dialogue be as sweet and as forgiving as you’d be towards yourself if you were only 7 years old for example. So offer moral support to your listeners because trust me, everyone needs that spark of hope sooner or later.

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