5 Websites That Will Help Your Brand Flourish In The Music Business (part 1)

We truly feel for the upcoming indie acts as doing the work of an entire team can be devastatingly draining of your money, time, energy, and sleep. What makes it worse is that often you don’t have a mentor or the budget to hire a consultant. Here is where we come in and help you out by organizing, grouping, and sharing highly valuable information that will make your life and branding if not a lot, at least a lil bit easier. When applied efficiently, the following five websites will help your brand flourish in the music business.

5. HypeBot (website link)

Self-described as: Music. Technology. The New Music Industry, HypeBot is a cool place to find out technical news happening in the music industry. If we do deep research and use lots of experimenting, psychology, trend predictions to hit the nail on the head and help you out with branding, marketing, and optimization, HypeBot is mainly factual. It is especially useful if you’re too busy in your real life to stay on top of the changes yourself. So if you’re a musician paying someone else to take care of your social media accounts because you have a business and a family to take care of, make sure you take extra time during the week to update yourself on what’s currently happening in the industry and instruct your employees to act accordingly.

4. Billboard Charts (website link)

You have an idea about the songs that are currently trending thanks to the news, social media, YouTube recommended, and Spotify playlists. But… If you’re truly about the business, you need to do your own homework and research your genre to see in what direction the masses are moving. Don’t h*e yourself and fit the ever-changing mould but pay attention if a certain artist starts having recurring spots on the charts. Then try to ride the wave by covering/remixing their songs with your own touch on social media, or if you’re a rapper, freestyling to their instrumentals. Use organic interest to your advantage for free promo!

3. MusixMatch (website link)

This is where you go to submit your lyrics to pop up on Instagram stories with synced lyrics. Once you submit your lyrics on MusixMatch, they automatically get linked to your songs and when fans will google for your records, the lyrics will pop up immediately for the respective title. To have them synced to IG, you’ll have to get a Spotify Premium subscription, download the mobile app and work with both Spotify and MusixMatch to sync the words to your songs. If you only have time and energy to submit your songs’ lyrics to ONE website, this is the one. Although Genius is more famous and larger in its catalog of lyrics, MusixMatch is much more favored by Search Engines.

2. Phlanx Instagram Engagement Calculator (website link)

There are many tools out there for calculating a pretty accurate engagement rate. However, our top choice has been Phlanx over and over again. It is the most detailed one on the market and offers a decent amount of free audits. The Pro version (starting at $25 a month) offers an insane amount of genius features such as generated contracts for influencer campaigns (yes you do need to make them sign the papers because many influencers like to take your money and disappear with it), major social media calculators (unlimited Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch Calculators), and Influencer Directory (you get access to over 100k vetted influencers). You know when it gets real fun? When you audit big accounts and see how little of an engagement rate they have.

1. Answer The Public (website link)

If you ever struggled with having too many or too few ideas for songwriting, head to Answer The Public and use their free search tool to discover what the 4.66 billion active internet users are interested in on a daily basis. It is much easier to satisfy an existing need or to answer an existing question than it is to create a new niche. Be the problem solver to something that the world is in doubt about through your lyrics, music, and brand message.

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