Mc Ajb, The 46-year-old BADASS Rapper From UK

When I sort through submissions to feature artists on this website, I look for people that are truly impressive, people that get my attention and keep it too. I want to help artists that I see clearly through their content that they are extremely serious about their career and won’t quit any soon. So one day, I got this interesting link from what was obvious to me, a rapper well in his 40s. Shocking to say the least. I cliked on the video and to my surprise, this guy had more flow, more swag, more subscribers, more views and more drive than a lot of younger rappers! So I proceeded to find out more about Mc Ajb.


This is not even a professional music video and it got over 4k views in less than 3 months, over 400 likes, 600 subscribers, 150 comments, which makes it very clear that he has REAL FOLLOWERS AND SUPPORTERS. ”Who are you?” goes my 1st question, to which I get the following reply: ”My name is Andy Beaumont, Born in Mill Road, Cambridge, UK. I lived in Cambridge all my life and I only learned how to rap 3 years ago, although I have been listening to Hip Hop & Rap from a very early age, probably 8 or even younger. I’ve been producing & built my own studio for around just under a year now”. WOW. Here I see somewhat a part of myself in Andy because I too grew up listening to hip hop and people are dumbfounded when they see me that I’ve chosen this genre and not another. See, rap music is a calling too. Just like Adele gets on that stage and starts singing her ass off, we, rappers, too have the urge to write rhymes, spit fire and improve our flow continuously. What surprises me the most, is that at 46, Andy gets it. He knows he’s barely starting out and is not delusional. No offense to mature people, but X-Factor and talent shows generally, besides Susan Boyle, they usually turn these acts into the joke of the show to the point the contestants are clearly delusional. Andy is not. And he knows the reality of the music business: ”I’m just getting warmed up! I do listen to other genres like Reggae, House and Garage amongst others. I consider myself a connoisseur of music. However, Hip Hop will always be my #1 favorite.” I love me an interview where the artist is well-spoken and uses fancy words as I like to call them. Andy goes on to tell me that it’s pretty much a family affair: ”My family loves what I’m doing. Both my 2 sons, ages 21 and 25, can rap too and we often put an instrumental on at occasions and freestyle 16 bars each. It’s priceless! Also, I should probably mention that my 15 yr old daughter plays the keyboard and can rap.” In your 40s, besides children, one has, by general thumb rule, worked in multiple various fields, to which, in fact, Andy adds: ”I am very creative and I used to paint abstract art and cityscapes. I’ve sold many of them but never got a buzz or much fulfillment or enjoyment from it. I have also done sculptures and have always known that I am meant to do something in life with these skills but… Never knew my place until NOW!

Andy Beaumont, aka MC AJB

I have led a colourful life to say the least. I have worked in security, I’ve been a debt collector, also a bodyguard and used to lead a very different life than what I do now. I was a violent guy. Unfortunately spent some years in prison too. But I managed to turn my life around completely. This is why all my lyrics are real talk, real life, and real experiences. I like to tell a story in every track from start to finish” – my applauses go to you Andy. Such a transparent person and talented rapper. While the youth is generally busy with keeping appearances, grown people are busy with telling their truth like Mc Ajb does: ”I know all about gang culture. I’ve been there, done that and it’s so NOT worth it. I would like to steer young people away from the street mentality because I have wasted a lot of life to crime and to being an idiot”.


Let me share with you some of his lyrics from the song DTK (Drop The Knife): ”That’s not me, AJB I’m too creative for 6 feet deep/ When ya gonna put these blades down G?/ and take a look at the life you lead?/ If ya got a little beef then drop the blades and go n fight like a man in a cage/ I don’t carry a chiv cus there’s no need cus knives are for divs not for O G’s/ Like me you can be creative, Don’t debate this you can f*ckin make it/ DTK drop the knife, do something with ya life that you like Or are ya too high?/ There’s nothing good about knives take my advice/ I’ve  wasted talent for years, almost 45.” A couple of bars but a whole lot of advice. This is what SUBSTANCE means. Lots of meaning in few words.
Andy is giving me hope. Hope for a much happier mature audience in the near future. I KNOW that Andy is one of the pioneers of adult rap. I mean grown men and women who will wake up and realize that the life dictated by the system is NOT the one they are FORCED to follow. That a person can start a career in rap music even in the 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. I am so overjoyed when I see people like Andy and Jennifer Lopez for example, Andy being 4 years younger than Jen, who are BADASS at their job and more driven than artists in their 20s. Not to forget their incredible physical form! Long gone are the days when your life was over once you hit your 30s. Science has proven that if one works out continuously, the cells continue regenerating and keeping the body in much better shape. Funny is, we know IT’S POSSIBLE to live life forever young, but until we have people like Mc AJB succeeding and showing us how to do it, we remain non-believers. So, Andy, a huge THANK YOU for giving hope to younger and older people alike. You are MUCH NEEDED in the music industry and KEEP PUSHING cause there is no one like you out there. You got an unique life story and experience that will guide many people in the moments when it feels like it’s over.

To see his YouTube channel, click HERE, to stay in touch with Mc Ajb on Facebook, click HERE.

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
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