A Lesson I Have Learned by Laura Mena, High-Quality Sentimental Pop From Denmark

You gotta love indie musicians when they poignantly swim against the current. One such artistically antagonistic voice is that of Laura Mena from Holbæk, Denmark. The fresh name on the music market meticulously selected a viewpoint abundant in power, smooth Sentimental Pop, and drama to distinguish her from the cliché bunch, that of an overbearing friendship. A couple of years ago I was in a very toxic friendship. She would manipulate me and try control what I was wearing all the time. She would also try to control who I was friends with and in general take control of every aspect of my life. We were childhood friends so I didn’t think much about it at first. But as she became more and more controlling, I realized how much the so-called friendship was damaging me and my spirit so I cut her off. A Lesson I Have Learned is all about that. Cutting her off and shedding all the negative impact she had had on me was hard and it took a while. But eventually, it made me a stronger and better version of myself,” shares Laura Mena exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Swiftly moving in as soon as the song starts, Laura Mena’s voice instantaneously gratifies your hearing senses with a sultry yet melancholic tone. The organ sound and suave drums are beautifully welded with the singer’s notes.

Just a lesson I have learned/ Just some bridges I burned/ Just a lesson I have learned baby/ I have learned, goes the hook of the song carrying the same title. Laura has gingerly aligned her words on the music as she did with her cover art look: Disney princess on top and street style on the bottom. Mena’s artistic and musical duality transpiring the screen is obvious and entertaining to the point of pestering curiosity.

The downtempo vibes are marvelously enhanced on the first verse: I know that you thought you knew me, (Knew me)/ But guess what babes this is the new me, (New me)/ Thought you could control my feelings, (Feelings)/ Thought that you could stop me from leaving, (leaving). The underlying aggressiveness deriving from having realized the mental trap you’d been in is just wholesome and a good way to vibe to 2022. This is the real juice. Look around wherever you live in this world. We are all quite unanimously living Laura Mena’s song right now in February 2022. And the toxic friends are the leading politicians. The depth to which artists go without even knowing. :star:

The recurring, dominant organ synth grandly vibrates and resonates throughout the entire room letting Laura’s much sweeter voice lead the way. You might have very well observed by now that Laura’s vocal prowesss is rooted in promising an apotheosis but then never really going there. Very much like Billie Eilish. You can tell this is a person who can sing but she just plays with her range and sticks to the melancholic tune instead of going Whitney Houston on you.

With words deeper than just a progressive sense of direction, A Lesson I Have Learned permeates the brain with a stolid ring and the impact of a low-key thunder. Strong, in your face, and yet aloof: Did you hear me good/ Did you hear me good baby? (baby)/ Have you thought about me lately, (lately)/ Did you hear me good tho?/ ‘Cause I love to repeat myself. That last line there, loving to repeat oneself, absolute coup de grâce.

After the first verse takes the place of the pre-hook, Laura drops a romantic relationship parallel through the use of the word boy: But boy look at me now, (look at me)/ I look brighter somehow, somehow/ We look brighter/ Somehow/ Our future looks lighter, ah, ah/ Our future looks lighter, ah, ah/ Our future looks. Those ah, ah stomps were finer than wine. Such a subtle yet enthralling touch of a crafty songwriter. Little deviations like these have made some of the biggest songs in modern music history go from average to legendary. New mission unlocked: listen to all of Laura Mena’s music.

A Lesson I Have Learned is a slowtempo banger meaning you can vibe to it while chilling and Laura Mena’s presence is bitterly appealing. It hides clever jabs and comebacks in the sweetest of notes. Just after our own heart.

Song credits: Laura Mena- Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer; Nathaniel Wing – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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