A World Tomorrow By Bruno Skibbild, A Chronicling Rock-Country Masterpiece

With radiant energy in his voice, a fun sense of raw acceptance, and a contagious guitar, Bruno Skibbild succeeded in creating a marvelous hybrid song that juxtaposes classic rock and country music in one authentic composition: A World Tomorrow. The enchanting, story-telling adapted vocals will bring you enthusiasm, fun, and a friendly perspective on life’s mysterious ways.

There’s a world today/ A world tomorrow/ There’s a world in me/ A world in you”, goes twice the chorus after a harmonious intro between the electric guitar and the drums. A cheerful sound and a sun-lit message that seem to come from a time where people were busy with observing rather than judging one another: “Some folks are screamin’/ Other folks a dreamin’/ Some folks are tryin’/ Other folks, they lie”. As soon as the first verse is over, Bruno leads us into the very-memorable chorus again. A simple, genius format that couldn’t have been more ideal for this fantastic classic rock-country song.

The beaming hope in Bruno’s lyrics is accurately mirrored by his tenor voice that opens largely and effortlessly steers the song’s mood from day-to-day pondering to calm certainty about a comforting tomorrow, from chorus to verse, and from verse to chorus. Also, a greatly interesting aspect Bruno has chosen to focus on in the 2nd verse, is 2 emotional states and one action: “Some folks are healin’/ Other folks are stealin’/ Some folks are listening/ Other folks are not”, emotional recovery, moral support, and the act of stealing 😀 a hilarious balance that gives A World Tomorrow a light touch, keeping the song from getting too serious. Also, note the unexpected choice of NOT using rhyme in the 4th line! Such a subtle thing that portrays the negative side of the human character without burdening the entire verse. We’d like a Zoom conversation with Bruno on how he chooses his subjects!

At 01:23 we get a delightful treat of a bridge, both vocally and lyrically: “It’s a matter of a goat and a sheep/ It’s a matter of life and death/ The choices we make every single day/ The things that we choose on our way”, with Bruno’s voice going convincingly louder and stronger than the rest of the song, representing a more pressing message as well, with a more momentous choice of words like “life and death”.

The overall production of A World Tomorrow is vintagey at a first glance, but then modern vocal layering comes through at around 02:10 when the main voice is complemented by the lower-volume backing voices and peaking with Bruno’s voice powerfully sort-of yelling “Other folks, they lie”, and coming all together to serve a clean, final chorus.

If you enjoy the likes of John Denver, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Don Mclean, you will absolutely adore A World Tomorrow by Bruno Skibbild. And if you’re born after the 2000s, if you feel cool when buying Vinyls and you follow vintage fashion accounts on Instagram, I’m willing to bet if you give this song a chance, it will become your new favorite morning mood.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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