Dating The DJ by Kyng Kai, A Stylish Dancehall Record That Is Based On A True Story

Dancehall music is shifting, growing, evolving, and marking its path into mainstream media for a good while now. We’re stoked to talk about Kyng Kai’s Dating The DJ record, as it is a feel-good tune illuminated by the artist’s warm vocals, flirtatious lyrics, and smooth delivery. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that the song is actually rooted in a real-life situationship: “I was in love with a woman at my job and I thought we were destined to be together. The way she carried herself locked my heart in, she reminded me of a Jamaican queen, everything from her looks to how she spoke. She had already created a record called “I’m dating the DJ ” so I made a spin off her record called “Dating The DJ” to tell her how I felt. I hope she hears my record.”- shares Kyng Kai himself.

Kyng Kai went all in for this record. The striking visuals might have you thinking this is a label-backed artist. Shot in 4k definition, featuring actually beautiful ladies and not Instagram-desperate vixens, displaying couture-like fashion style, sporting a memorable haircut (half blonde, half black horizontally and not vertically), benefiting cool editing and camera transitions, using professional light positioning, Dating The DJ is a legit music video that one wouldn’t guess was shot during the times when almost everyone else was making crappy home-videos. Rona left the chat 😀

From the very getgo, Kyng Kai dashes into sing-rapping the very melodic hook: “All alone by yourself as I watch you wind/ Where your man? you’re all alone he should be by your side/ You fell in love with the beat I guess you love that bass/ Hold on wait are you dating the DJ?”, repeating the rhetorical question a good six times. But that’s exactly the spot where the earworm sequence takes place! In the title of the song. This is perspicacity. This is how you write a good song that you ensure will catch on with the audience. Kyng Kai eased the process of memorizing his song’s hook and its title as the two coincide. If you think this is no biggie, you are wrong. How many songs you gotta type in a verse from a song whose title you can’t remember, hoping YouTube will suggest you what you’re in reality looking for? Answer: too many.

Kyng Kai pulls off a master move by sealing the verse’s flow with singable lines: “Closer I hope you’re ready/ All night you won’t forget/ Hold tight only if you let me/ One touch will make your body feel ecstasy”. To be noted the artist’s ability to write playful lyrics without being too overly simplified in its meaning, as he combines the physical meaning of the lyrics with their theoretical equivalent. For example, “Closer, I hope you’re ready” means literally being closer to said person, but also indicates a deeper desire of connecting with that person on a sentimental level, as it might very well be continued by “I hope you’re ready for me to be a part of your life”. We know this based off the very exclusive information Kyng Kai shared with us in the beginning of the article.

Fly away, fly away fly away/ You holding back, you wanna stay, you wanna stay/ You looking forward as your eyes look past me/ Just the DJ in your eyes” sings Kyng Kai, ending the first and only verse of the record. The dancehall artist just proved he is fearless in taking risks, for he filled up the 2 minutes and 33 seconds with hooks, pre-hooks, and one verse. What’s exceptional is that one wouldn’t notice, unless paying intentional attention to it, that only one verse carries the middle section of the song. It is most intriguing how the substance of Dating The DJ is equally supported by all composing elements as usually, we’re accustomed to bland choruses and strong verses. Not with Kyng Kai though. He puts his best foot forward from start to end.

Song Credits: Kyng Kai – writer; Jake Ortiz – producer, engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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