Done Partying By Rufii, A Quality Fun Record That Will Satisfy Plenty Audiences

Let us start with a confession. Today’s song is deeply beckoning and rather awesome for being titled Done Partying. Trust us when we say, it is NOT about that! You won’t be made to feel nostalgic, you won’t be catching feelings or crying. Done Partying by Rufii is the very opposite of its title and it has this incredible power of sometimes fascinating you and sometimes amusing you. Granted, you won’t be able to contain your dance moves once the beat drops. Read on and hit PLAY!

The initial 15 seconds of pure music speak volumes of the beat quality and set the bar shockingly high for the rap verses. You hear a synth mostly used in producing horror tracks that sounds like a played back tape laid over a distant piano. The chords appear to be all minor and charged with melancholy. Is this a record of feeling sad as one is about to settle in life and part ways with the days of partying? Well… far from it!

I’m like Broski yo wassup?/ Said I’m done partying but now I’m in the club/ Said I’m done drinking now look at me drunk/ Said I’m done smoking but now I’m high as f*ck” – go the first 4 bars we hear from Rufii, which also make up the hook of Done Partying. The artist’s baritone voice echoes the defiant vibe transmitted by both the music and the lyrics. What stands out is the absence of any other musical instrument thus far. It’s the synth, piano, and vocal track leading the audience further in.

And with the arrival of the verse, we get a perfect, immense surprise. We get the much-desired beat drop! The drums and the bass come together in the same instant to stir the song to life and enhance the rhymes delivered by Rufii: “When I take a sip man I’m liable to trip/ I’m a lightweight I’d rather spark a spliff/ Got me like wait lil ma you so thick/ B*tch I’m a thot come and get me lit” 😀 Saying I’m a thot as a guy is refreshing to the audience and sparks a moment of hilarity that goes even deeper in the following bars: “Said I’d be faithful well baby girl I lied/ A one-woman guy, I’m like really bae I tried/ But that p*ssy slippery you know I had to slide” By now you start liking the artist even if rap may not be your go-to genre! Rufii is just vastly better than a lot of upcoming acts in the industry. He’s actually worth listening to and highly entertaining.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the monotone flow that’s astutely placed over the instrumental. Rufii keeps the same pattern from start to end but in doing so, he actually adds value to the lyrics and to the appeal factor of the record. The song lasts 2 minutes and by keeping it steady, Rufii manages to make it feel a lot longer. We usually don’t really warm up to short records but we give credit where credit is due and Done Partying feels complete.

The verse continues with some actual sound advice, “Saving up for raining days, I wanna make it rain”, more party clues, “For the star tender she bringing all the bottles/ And we with the Babaz looking like some model”, and with a mighty 2020 advice, “Livin’ for today give a f*ck about tomorrow”. And yes those are words you should take into consideration cause Rona showed everyone that nothing is predictable or even preventable. So much for self-gurus shouting at the top of their lungs to think long-term. Bye Felicia!

When asked what was the inspiration at the basis of the record, Rufii shared exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “What inspired me to write Done Partying was reflecting back on my senior year of college, hanging with my best friends back in Room 205(our dorm room), we would drink, smoke and hang out. In that room, I’ve had some of my best memories. After graduating I’d tell myself I’m done partying, drinking, and smoking but of course, that was a lie. I wanted to create a record that speaks on being permissive with your indulgences but at the same time reminds me of my college days.

Done Partying is an attraction for people who appreciate quality bangers and enjoy party vibes in volumes.

Song Credits: David Rufus (Rufii) – Artist, Songwriter; Don Smith  – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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