Don’t Hold Me Down by Lovana, a feel-good anthem for every age

If I had to compare this incredible song to another one you already know, I would have to tell you: think of the exact opposite of Bad Day by Daniel Powter. While Daniel accepts he’s having a bad day, Lovana is determined to decide herself what type of mood she’s gonna have. Don’t Hold Me Down is what you need to listen to if you refuse to let life engulf you with its ups and downs.

The initial claps, violins and piano chords, along with a very jazzy drum, let you know this is gonna be worth your time. There’s just something about organic instrumentals that have always captivated the human soul. They just feel closer to who we are in essence.
Then Lovana goes on to begin the song with her warm voice: ”18 waiting here/ walking up to see the clouds in the sky/ 18 feeling high/ where have you found that lullaby?/ Come here to see the sunrise/ kisses in the moonlight./ Waking up to find it isn´t going to last./ Finding out it ain´t going to last.” Sincerely, this is exactly how it feels when you understand what life is about. You get that life is beautiful and yet, very much ephemeral. That your soul and spirit don’t age although your body might.
And the catchy hook just completes the whole mood with positive accolades: ”I´ve been reaching for the stars in the sky/ and I´ve been searching for the highs and the lows./ I´ve been reaching for the stars in the sky/ and it makes me feel pretty good./ You can´t hold me down,/ you can´t, stop a force that´s coming./ No you can´t hold me down,/ I´m too, I´m too fast I´m moving.” And God! Can we just talk about Lovana’s voice control? Damn near perfect! Going full blast while staying stable in her notes transitions and ending the words with just the right amount of breath. A truly developed vocalist.


After the 2nd verse, that is synonym with the 1st one, the hook makes a nice comeback and then MY favorite part kicks in, the outstanding bridge that impactfully marks the last part of the song. Those ending ”don’t hold me down” layered vocals are absolutely gorgeous. And the ”oooh, oooh” in the background reminds us how powerful of an instrument the voice can be. Something new school singers seem forget.
I’ll leave you with a note from Lovana herself:

The idea of the song came to me when I was working abroad as a showartist in Gran Canaria, Spain. It was both a really fun and worthwhile time, but also a bit challenging. Sometimes we get lost in the details and forget to see the destination. Life goes by fast and if you don´t take the chances you are given, you might miss out on something great. Don´t Hold Me Down is a call to action to not take your life for granted. It celebrates the possibilities and explorations of love, life, the places, and people around you. It also urges you to not let others stand in the way of your dreams.

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