Double Up By Money Matt, A High-Quality Hip Hop Banger

Double Up is so good it will make you smile. You get to experience sheer joy because there are artists like Money Matt who take their craft seriously and deliver excellency with every bar. Double Up is an absolute banger, created for motivated people like the artist himself. You will dig it so much, that you’ll have it on your playlist along with other songs from Top 100. Worth your 3 minutes and 18 seconds repeatedly.

Money Matt dives straight into the hook, applying the smartest technique modern artists could possibly adopt: hook them with the hook! In 2020 with the likes of Tik Tok around, the listener’s time is incredibly short and precious. You have to spark the audience’s imagination within the first seconds! “Double up/ Pulled up with a double cup/ I had to run a bag/ And I had to muscle up/ I said I had to run a bag/ And I had to muscle up/ I’m makin’ haters mad/ ‘Cuz my stock done bubbled up”. From a songwriting perspective, the rhyming is sharp and efficient, easy to remember, easy to predict, and safe to sing out loud. Which is, believe it or not, an incredibly rare feature, considering 99% of rap songs feature curse words.

The flow style is effortless and well-integrated within the beat’s pace, at times showing that fun, intentional, post-production stutter like at 0:37, something that Nicki Minaj became famous for. The monochrome flow cadency creates an everlasting appeal, making Double Up super flexible and easy to listen to at any given time. For those with sensitive ears, and by that we mean the perfect-pitch gifted people, you’re in for a treat as well. Not one word off-key. Money Matt managed to create an entertaining rap song that respects the music industry standards at the same time. This is not your average rapper. This is a bonafide musician.

With astute wordplay, Money Matt delivers quotable lyrics right before the hook kicks in again: “Put my all into God/ And watched it all expand/ Ahhh Put in work/ My grind is from another land/ I’m so fly/ I don’t think I will ever land/ I’m callin today’s forecast/ But no I’m not the weather man/ Got people all talking/ But go harder than any of them”. We must also mention here the GT Pro Squad, who are responsible for the impeccable production of Double Up that shows off a very modern beat, an impressive mixing and mastering, spotless vocals, and pristine layering methods for the hook.

Double Up is to be enjoyed when you achieve success or want to get into that winner mindset. With Money Matt being an artist that had to struggle to succeed, you can afford to really soak up the song’s atmosphere, knowing it’s coming from a real person with a real story. Double Up will retain its initial grip through all of its length, making it a first-class hip hop smash record.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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