F*ck You Pay Me by Oscar Biggs ft. Crazy Ace, A Much-Needed Taste of Boom-Bap And Savage Bars

A most wild, profane, and unorthodox song that rap enthusiasts will love with every passing second. That’s F*ck You Pay Me by Oscar Biggs and Crazy Ace. Their bars and message might just take your breath away. Not because it’s some revelatory substance to it, but rather because you ain’t hear no one threatening the crap outta competition with so much class and attitude. F*ck You Pay Me is a daunting composition that boasts flawlessly-produced boom-bap music and an insane lyrical arsenal from Oscar Biggs and Crazy Ace. Old heads and modern hipsters align! Your time has come.

Oscar Biggs made sure you’ll remember the title by shamelessly throwing it in from the getgo. Those “F*ck you pay me” repetitions create an unexpected ripple, leaving the audience hanging in anticipation for the rap bars: “Man these dudes ain’t ready for a murderous style/ Coming in deadly and heavy with a devilish smile” goes Crazy Ace. His bass, slightly raspy voice is a nice contrast to Oscar Biggs’s crisp, baritone register. The latter goes to complete the mood setting:“I got so much anger in my heart that it burns in my chest/ Emcees won’t earn my respect with sperm on they breath/ I’m an impulsive mothaf*cker and yo, I’m mad vulgar/ I’m the type to rub my revolver all over b*tches’ vulvas” Oscar Biggs No Mercy should be his full name ’cause this guy just took a big dump on everyone that’s a second class rapper 😀 Get your popcorn and let’s dive further in!

With some further back-and-forth wordplay and continuous augmentation of threats, with Crazy Ace explicitly saying “Man I catch you under the street light/ Running your bike/ B*tch I’ll take your mothaf*ckin’ life”, the two artists end up rapping on parallel lines with Oscar Biggs ruthlessly making pop-culture references, “On some King Kong sh*t we don’t sing songs b*tch/ We be shooting bars drilling and we bring long clips”.

The heavy cadence progresses along with the very distinct boom-bap instrumental, with those huge drums kicking in your face the entire time. Albeit sounding crowded on paper, the aggressive vocals and the hard mix style make for an efficient hip hop formula, granting the audience with a modern experience on vintage terms. Y’all ‘ready know the deal so yo, you’d better chill/ Or you gon’ be the next man with yo cap peeled” – spits Oscar Biggs eagerly and confidently. This is golden for everyone that witnessed the ’90s hip hop era.

Man I’m a terrorist cult leader/ Best friends with the Grim Reaper” – now we know why your name is Crazy Ace. And as we’re getting closer to the end, Oscar’s blatant annoyance with wannabes reaches its peak right around here: “Y’all should get the f*ck out our face quick fast/ Our style kick-ass and y’alls is straight trash”, and spontaneously right after, the artist injects with his bonafide emcee precision a dash of humor when much needed: “Come step to our death-defying raps/ You’ll get burnt like an ant by a magnifying glass”.

With a resurgent energy and sudden restlessness, both Crazy Ace and Oscar Biggs blaze fire with such a note of anger in their voices that you might have trouble distinguishing the two from one another: “You pro’ly running from cops/ We been running the spots/ […]/ We rugged raw, always ready to go to war/ Try f*ck with us, you’ll get left with a f*ckin scar/ When I come through with the rhymes, I’m a goon and I’m lethal/ Me and the mic go together like a spoon and a needle”. Fine art indeed.

F*ck You Pay Me is an exceptional hip hop response structured in the form of an aggressive statement directed towards unqualified emcees. Its ’90s stubbornness and lyrical qualities define it as a foundational song for the upcoming rap artist, Oscar Biggs.

Song Credits: Guillaume Tranquil Richards (Oscar Biggs) – Songwriter, Performer; Claudio Antonino Marchica (Crazy Ace) – Songwriter, Performer; James Gorton (Jamie G) – BeatMaker

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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