Funky Soul Rap by Oscar Biggs, The Grooviest Boom Bap Record Of 2021

When we get our hands on something as stellar as Funky Soul Rap by Oscar Biggs, we are not afraid of using major, boastful titles. Not when it is most deserved. Oscar Biggs is more consistent with his Boom Bap releases and artistic evolution than 6ix9ine with his online antics. And we all know how dedicated is the rainbow-hair kid! Funky Soul Rap seals the artist’s perenniality with the unadorned Hip Hop lovers crowd. Veritable in entertainment value, spartan in its delivery, and unapologetic in his straightforwardness, this is why people love Oscar Biggs.

The huge drums, the sweet vocal sample, the affable guitar, all astutely kick off the positively influenced vibe of Funky Soul Rap. Props to Oscar Biggs for the ingenuity he proved when picking the title. In three words the artist conveyed the expectations, the mood, the sound description, the genre, the narrative. “Talent, passion, dedication I’m all that/ Plus I mastered the art form of writing down raw raps/ Wanna feat with me? You’ll need more than a small stack/ Can’t afford it? f*ck off lick a sweaty ball sack,” go the first four bars. As per his illustrious mannerism, Oscar Biggs sets the audience up, having them think he’s just here for the raps, and then hits them smack dab in the face parading his lyrical viciousness. If we’re being honest, this just might be his best song yet.

Oscar’s flow on Funky Soul Rap is widely spread out, clear, loud, flaunts a very in-your-face dynamic, and is rushing to prove nothing to no one other than the fact that the artist is publicly enjoying his songwriter and entertainer skills. Mind you, we’re still on verse one and Oscar manages to spice up his tonality by employing a conversational approach right around here: “You don’t need to be able to split atoms to recognize that I’m one of the best/ Just come to one of my shows and compare me to the rest/ Unless your broke ass can’t afford a ticket/ You can go on Youtube and scope me out you f*ckin’ dimwit.”

The second verse of Funky Soul Rap presents to the audience a continuity of the exuberant storyline increasing in its impatience to get rid of low-quality fans, admirers, and last but not least, competitors. “Sometimes I might be an asshole but you’re a full-time turd/ Take my word f*ck with me I’ll break yo teeth on the curb/ Yo f*ck your whole crew word is bond my squad is iller/ I roll with drug dealer that move around more weight than bodybuilders.” The beautiful mesh of brutal bars with the groovy, funky instrumental is something only Oscar Biggs could have pulled off without sounding like a clown. Yes, we said it. Others who’ve tried doing the same thing failed in colossal proportions.

The inexhaustible energy the rapper blesses his audience with reaches fever pitch in confidence and killer delivery in the following lines: “You can’t f*ck with Oscar Biggs I’m a star that’s on the rise/ If you diss me in your dreams you better wake up to apologize/ You need to recognize the size of the talent that’s in me/ I keep my eyes on the prize and f*ck y’all I ain’t friendly!” And of course, the closing sequence: “I mean business from start to finish/ And I bet my d*ck is number on your b*tch’s wish list.” Fun fact? We actually know that to be true as there are some raving lady fans of Oscar out there who would stop at nothing to have a part of him 😀

In the end, Oscar Biggs is filling a serious void on the market that’s been created by the abrupt departure of Boom Bap in the ’90s and the overload of mumble rappers from the past decade. There is a major market segment that wants to feel cool without having to listen to poorly produced music from 40 years ago. Funky Soul Rap is one of these new classics that is modernly executed while carrying the old-school appeal of bonafide Hip Hop.

Song Credits: Guillaume Tranquil Richards (Oscar Biggs) – Artist, Songwriter; Robert Anderson (DJ Iceman) – Music Producer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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