God Got Me by Lequita ft. J Torah and Mod G, Meet The Definition Of A Gospel BOP

All the way from Florida, US, Lequita brings the world a Gospel Bop that you’ll be talking about for days. The singer’s take on this genre is warmer and less solemn than what you’ve been used to. Innovative in delivery and an absolute earworm, God Got Me is one complex arrangement of soprano vocals, a Rap verse, and wondrous harmonies. Hit Play to enjoy a rhythmic, flowing song that you’ll insta-fall for <3

Whoaaa! Is this an actual Gospel song? We were stunned too as the initial autotuned shouts heavily remind us of 2010’s T-Pain. “I ain’t worried/ I ain’t tripping/ I ain’t doubting/ ‘Cause God got me yeah/ I ain’t worried/ I ain’t tripping/ I ain’t quitting/ ‘Cause God got me yeah!” Issa BOP! The relatively uptempo rhythm and the optimistic harmonies are a hugely influential factor on the initial development of God Got Me. Lequita’s chorus has a fascinating direct impact on the audience from the first listen! You like it, you vibe to it, and you end up singing it too :star:

Don’t need a reason as long as I stay breathing/ I’m confident in any type of season/ ‘Cause I know He wouldn’t bring me to it/ Without giving me a way to get through it,” goes the very high vocal range of Lequita. Her soprano pipes resonate with an entire six thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. The singer is also a proficient songwriter as she switches the melodic lead only four lines in: “Take a look at me/ Oh and you will see/ The enemy sure tried me/ But he won’t get the best of me.” What a charming, unadorned voice! Lequita’s solo parts sound straight out of the recording booth. No post fixes, no palpable effects, no obvious alterations. And we see that most fit for a Gospel song.

In the morning, in the morning/ Wake up and a new day is dawning/ And I know my change is ’round the corner/ So everyday is what I say,” sing together the unbelievably beautiful pre-chorus voices. This segment right here proclaims the superiority of a classic song with a soulful rendition. The type of epicness we haven’t heard since the likes of the endearing Sister Act 2 sequel.

The second verse comes as an absolute acoustic surprise! We got J Torah bringing a new level of smooth swag-filled faith: “I done been through the worst/ Sometimes the worst come first/ Everytime time I set back/ Can’t help but think about the past/ How He brought me out that crash.” Gratitude never sounded cooler. J Torah just turned a classic Gospel record into a luxurious masterpiece.

The outro bridge serves as a delicate sonic union between Mod G and Lequita: “Call me crazy/ It won’t phase me/ My God’s love is so amazing” with the producer and supporting artist hyping up Lequita with his ever-so-lively ad-libs. This is so good! This is great :star:

By the end of the 3 minutes and 45 seconds, it does feel like God Got You! The song’s remarkable positivity grounded in gratitude and faith in God make for an excellent Gospel bop. You could listen to God Got Me as you’re cooking breakfast on a Monday morning and equally before a Zoom call. An unparalleled composition!

Song Credits: Ahmod Rashad Goins (Mod G), Lequita White, Travis Johnson (J Torah), Disherri Johnson, Teccara Carmack, Claudia Goins – Songwriters; Matthew Smith – Co-producer and Mastering Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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