He Jake Brakes by KarrieLynn, A Country Jewel Worthy Of A Netflix Movie

Imagine your childhood dream was to drive semi-trucks when growing up. But you were also secretly musically inclined. You never pursued the latter because no one encouraged you. But you also couldn’t drive semis because your children needed you first. Then you get to your 40s and you start pursuing both. That ladies and gents, is the awe-inspiring life of KarrieLynn, a marvelous new Country name from Nashville, Tennessee. Her first single, He Jake Brakes is not your usual merry-go-round of playing your guitar at the bonfire and kicking it up. No sir. He Jake Brakes produces a new level of realism with KarrieLynn’s soulful yet commercial interpretation rendering the complex storyline worthy of Netflix plot status. “I wrote this song in 2007 while I was driving a semi. I didn’t finish the song until 2020 when an old friend told me about taking his father on the road. They were bored and made a sign that had the number (10+) on it. When cars with pretty women would drive by them, they would catch up to them, hit the Jake Brakes, and put the paper with the number on it in the window for the women to see. I laughed and right then I knew the rest of my song.  It just evolved from there.  From my personal experience of being put in a third party situation with another truck driver and two other women, to being hurt and seeing relationships and friendships ruined. The story just flowed,” shares KarrieLynn exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. Reed Hastings, kindly reach out to this woman and make her life a movie.

The realism and expression of the record are sonically felt from the get-go with the truck starting up before any instrument. The electric guitar and loud, heavy-landing drums confer vigor and austerity to the overall feeling. Having predominantly these two instruments take the lead leaves the “aftertaste” clean and radiant. It’s an oustandingly great composition construct by any standards but even more so for a singer who only got to exert and improve her artist caliber via Karaoke, singing in the school choir, and singing along to the radio.

He Jake Brakes, he Jake Brakes, he Jake brakes for pretty women/ He Jake Brakes, he Jake brakes, he Jake brakes for pretty girls,” goes the radically catchy hook. Old, young, Rap, Rock, Pop, whatever your age and music preference, you are going to, at the very minimum, hum the earworm before you even get to the verse. KarrieLynn’s voice is balmy, sunny, with a tint of raspiness. It’s your antidote to the lukewarm Pop voices we’ve been forcefed for years now. This is a woman singing and you feel it.

Now notice how intricately framed are the realistic depictions of both objects and emotions: “Now Eddie is a big rig rider/ Spending weeks out on the road/ His girl’s been gettin no lovin’/ When he’s been comin’ home/ So last night when he was at the bar gettin drunk/ she packed her a little bag and stowed away in his top bunk.” It is so easy to be pulled in and see it all: the confused, sad, yet ballsy woman, the cocky Eddie, the loud bar, the small travel bag and of course, the truck. KarrieLynn is shockingly capable of building vivid recollections through her unique vocals, descriptive lyrics, raw details.

We are unexpectedly yet pleasantly presented a beautiful guitar riff spicing up the song. One would have expected a continuation of the verse, possibly an early second hook, but definitely not this gorgeous, powerful solo. KarrieLynn, are you sure this is your first song? Because you just pulled a master move.

The song progresses with a second verse:“Now Eddie geared up his truck/ Headed down the road/ Had to go to Alabama to pick up his load/ Before he could reach the Georgia state line/ Classy Sassy came on the CB/ And offered him a good time,” followed by a funny, sarcastic reproduction of the CB transmission: “CB: Breaker 1-9,  this is the classy sassy, take that next exit and get a little…” oh sh*t! Excuse our French and know that CB in truck terms is a short-distance radio communication. So uhm… the girl from home is still in the top bunk???

After the slightly altered hook, the third verse kicks in with a hilarious landing that you might miss if you’re too serious of a person: “Now Eddie wasn’t there that long/ In fact it was quite quick/ Could of sworn being hung over/ Affected  his… *horn blow*/ So he geared up his truck/ Headed down the road/ Cherry Swirl came on the CB/ And he knew he couldn’t go.” Now to all the players out there, pray your friends don’t find KarrieLynn’s song because you’ll be nicknamed Eddie the jake braker. And for good reason.

The practically glittering outro is sonically profound and musically stripped down before letting the Country singer hang up the conclusion: “So the moral of the story/ This I know for sure/ You coulda heard that truck die/ When her feet hit the floor/ She pulled that parking brake/ Shoved Eddie out the door/ Now Eddie’s not a Jake Braker anymore.” How can this be so personal, emotional, and funny at the same time??? And as if that didn’t suffice, KarrieLynn dashes with a last touch of her witty humour: “I guess if you’re going to give it when you roam/ You better give it when you get back home/ Love ya Edward.” The luminous personality of the Country singer is vibrant and palpable through her final laughter. What a marvel of a record.

With two daughters, five grandchildren, and a rediscovered younger-self through the long-awaited pursuit of both her dreams, KarrieLynn’s goal is to “be able to raise enough money to perform at truck stops to show truckers appreciation and to just bless people.

He Jake Brakes is a mightily expansive Country song exquisitely granting the listener an uncommon guitar-based lead theme paired with a myriad of laborous details without overwhelming the word count. It’s beautiful, it’s humourous, sentimental, and vocally appreciable. If the likes of TikTok embraced Country music like this, we’d be glued to our screens needing professional help. Maybe it’s for the best that there’s only one KarrieLynn in this world.

Song Credits: Karrie Walmer (KarrieLynn) – Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer; Jonathan Doerk (Jonathan, Tempus Studio)- Sound Engineer, Music Producer; Tony Wallace – Truck sounds.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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