Henny & Corona by Don Esco, Physical Attraction With Sentimental Tones

Unbeknownst to Don Esco, his career moves anticipated the heavy hit by the world pandemic. Many artists, especially the A-listers that depend on big studios and major production companies, have chosen to put the brakes on new releases momentarily, while independent artists are impressively delivering masterpieces with visuals included. Don Esco is one of these real troopers, having released his comprehensive MTSQLUG (click HERE for full name and tracklist) 8-song EP in 2020 and a sizzling, quality music video for his Henny & Corona single. You know the crazy part? Despite looking like a high-end promo for an erotic platform, Henny & Corona contains no F words whatsoever. Don Esco just proved you can birth a steamy record without being overexplicit.

The introductory minor piano notes might delude you into thinking this is a record about some sinister stuff. This big monster of an imposing piano occupies the entire room and chases you until a solid 16 seconds in. It’s only when you hear Don Esco’s voice that you are able to chill and kick back: “Everything I want I own it/ My b*tch yea she a stoner/ My princess Fiona/ Will you come on over/ Henny & Corona/ That’s just my Persona/ My princess Fiona/ Will you come on over”, making it clear to the audience it is the hook we’re listening to as the vocals are thickly layered. Also, notice how the emotional and intellectual segment is preponderant from the very beginning while leaving very little space for physicalities. It’s a rare feat to have a congruent duality of elements, with the video entirely centered around carnality and the lyrics constructed around emotional chemistry. Just think when was the last time you heard your favorite rapper call his love interest a princess? Yeah, I’ll wait.

Contrasting to the heavy piano, Don Esco’s luminous vocals proceed to rap with a light, flirtatious vibe: “Go ’n pop it and make me lose focus/ See you I feel like we the closest/ Imma whip that like it’s stolen/ All these h*es and you look chosen/ All my future plaques look golden/ You so bad when you jump on it.” That soft-sounding guitar takes precedence leaving the piano to a secondary role, giving the instrumental an RnB-ish vibe fit for the seductive atmosphere. And here we got a word from the man of the hour himself: “Me and Kyno$abe were actually in the US Military when we wrote this record. This was Kyno$abe’s first-ever beat production that he put together on his phone using the FL studio mobile DAW. That’s what I call raw natural-born talent. As for the video, I just wanted to create a classic that’ll be visually appealing years down the line. Thus, the black and white color grade.” Is it just us or you too feel the urge to suddenly replay the record, this time paying the utmost attention to the production aspect? Major props to both Don Esco and Kyno$abe.

The undertone of financial pride in the second verse is a spicy ingredient in the song’s narrative: “Come twerk some for this paper/ P*ssy money weed I’m cravin’/ Bad intentions/ Naughty behavior.” We deeply appreciate the artist’s commitment to stay consistent in his flow delivery, for he abode word clarity and a matching pattern to the beat the entire record. This not only makes it super earworm-ish but also a strong incentive for the public to check out the other songs by Don Esco.

Henny & Corona by Don Esco is an entertaining record that holds lust in focus while gradually adding sentimental value to the lyrics. It’s a song you can flirt to, make love to, vibe to, dance to, and party to :star: preferably with company!

Song Credits: Lost Records Entertainment / 3rd Eye Productions – Record Label, Shemarr Lavell Taylor (Don Esco) – Main Artist / Producer / Performer, Kyno Wilbon (Kyno$abe) – Beat Producer, Vincent Absher (Vinnie Beatz) – Mix and Mastering engineer, Vincent Absher (Vinnie Beatz) – Recording Studio Engineer – Location – (Gulfport, MS).

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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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