HOLY WATER by Code 106, Raising Human Trafficking Awareness In A Superior Grunge Rock Way

The world we live in needs healing. Often that healing won’t come from priests or books. It comes from people we understand and feel close to. That’s where musicians have a bigger impact than a pastor or activist ever will. A song that will make you feel uncomfortable, that will open your mind to the atrocities people in high places are committing, but that will equally invite you in for a ferocious sonic ride, is HOLY WATER. The single released today by Code 106, is figuratively speaking, a punch in your gut for having turned a blind eye to the frightening statistics about human trafficking.

The metallic-sounding intro scratches its way to your ears and creates enough anticipation to have you by the edge of your seat. The fact that the song is titled HOLY WATER only adds to the mood of a purgatory about to open its doors wide. But what do we see? Three of the much appreciated, humorous guys at Code 106! Seems they’ve taken on, for the purpose of this video, portraying both the villains and the musicians. The first impression a couple of seconds into HOLY WATER is as strong as the first impression we had upon their interview of a year ago. They know what they’re doing.

At 0:20 the madness commences! The wild submergence between the guitar and the drums is dark, magnificent, and grand. The intricate riff and drums mesmerize and glue your eyes to the screen and your ears to the speakers. Both the guys’ visual presence and sonic quality have improved tenfold since last year and we’re seeing an anthemic band type making steady but pivotal steps into transitioning to an international audience. Simply epic.

Sure enough, Chad Abnett makes you skip a heartbeat with that sultry, deep, insanely masculine voice: “All of these lights, they have no shame/ Suits and ties they’re all the same/ Bid on a picture in a frame.” Now, if you possess even the smallest amount of imagination, you’ll agree that Chad gives off magician vibes. His vocal register is apt for big stages with a ton of lights and screaming girls. The singer then goes on to verbally threaten an unknown enemy but whose moralities are nothing short of despicable as presented to you later during the song.

Holy water/ Cleanse all that I am/ Don’t desert me/ Take this pound of man,” flows effortlessly the hook of HOLY WATER. By the way, you must have gotten the creeps too following the music video through the flashing lights, eerie makeup, covered people. And… that was the point! The guys at Code 106 shared, with a very poetic sensibility, for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “They say that all sin is equal in the eyes of God, but there sure as hell better be a special place for the ones who believe that they possess the right to barter with lives. The human soul is not a currency, yet the soul collector is rich. HOLY WATTER is a look through the lens of the human trafficking industry and a message that exclaims the loss of humanity in the ones who perform these horrors.” This is that moment, when as a journalist, you feel kinda useless 😀 Jokes aside, this is a mighty bold move from a band in its incipient phase.

The spotless production, mix, and master shine through all verses, hooks, and bridge. Our top favorite lyrical moment is this right here: “Good evening!/ Do you wanna buy a friend?/ I can promise you they’re really high-end/ Top of the food-chain/ Wouldn’t you agree?/ Now give me your money!” F*ck you if that doesn’t cut you to the soul. To aid the band in spreading the importance of human trafficking awareness, please know that according to Human Rights First, a whopping 16 million people are labor slaves, almost 5 million are sexually exploited, and 4 million find themselves in state-imposed forced labor.

The screamed bridge will be the one section of the song that will make HOLY WATER irrefutable with grunge, heavy metal, and hard rock fans. The lead singer takes it home with “Selling souls/ Black and white/ Right is right/ Wrong is wrong.” Vocal pipes mastery at its finest.

HOLY WATER is monumental in Code 106’s career for it cements their credibility at the highest level that almost surpasses the status of an independent, self-made band. Its music is invigorating, piercing, but very finely tuned and balanced. Its message is uncomfortable, dark, but much-needed in a world focused on social media flex. Now everybody in unison: Thank you Code 106 for singing about things that most wouldn’t even dare to speak.

Song Credits: Michael Botes – Artist, Recording Engineer, Songwriter; Anthonie Botha – Artist, Songwriter; Chad Abnett – Artist, Lyricist; Wayne Labuschagne – Music Producer, Recording Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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