Insecure by Joshua Flores, The Perfect Dark Pop Mood For Rainy Days

Although not the usual topic of choice for songwriters, Joshua Flores is gifting the audience today a meaningful variation of the uber-sung love, and that is, the lack of self-love. The prodigy child turned professional musician from Dallas, Texas, is back at it with Insecure. The new release leans towards Dark Pop and blends a superbly unadorned instrumental and jarringly honest lyrics with astounding ease.I think being in a relationship is wonderful but sometimes you just feel like things are too good to be true. In Insecure I express my feelings of when you have something so great that you can’t help but worry about losing it someday,” shares Joshua Flores exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The deliberate background noise speedily augments the nostalgic mood of the song. A vibe edging on the periphery of sadness. The intently dark cover artwork only confirms the sonic induction. Joshua’s la, la, la instantaneously shows off the singer’s ability to jam along to a track without even using specific words. “I know that I’m not your type/ I don’t know how we came to be/ ‘Cause I’ve seen the other guys/ I’m not sure I can compete,” soulfully sings Joshua Flores. The slight nasality is by now, a well known and unique feature of this artist’s voice. Few male pipes succeed in sounding so suave and alluring when allowing air to escape through the nose. Obviously, Joshua is the exception to the rule.

You tell me not to worry ’bout the past cause you love me more than I could ever understand/ I wanna believe you but there’s always some doubt in my head,” reverberates the artist with strong emotion. The serene yet quiet instrumental annexes magic to the weight of Joshua’s words. So simple, so transparent, and yet so perfect. People who’ve been deeply wounded by toxic relationships will undoubtedly relate. When someone changes the very fabric of your self-esteem that you start projecting it back on your new relationships. A very hard place to be in indeed.

When the snares join the picture, the pre-hook lands with a touch of gravitas: “I’m sorry I can’t help myself thinking you be better with somebody else/ You need someone who can treat you well but I’m not sure I can compare/ Cause you’ve always been someone who is perfect yeah and worth it/ I wish this fear and anxiety would just go away but lately I’ve been feeling…” These lyrics are your vivid reminder that one can’t fully enjoy being with their dream guy/gal if self-love isn’t built properly first. We urge you to bear in mind that Joshua Flores is the one who wrote, produced, and performed this record. The artist is being incredibly steady in his releases since 2020, resourceful in his content ranging from purchased instrumentals to built-from-scratch melodies, and brave in his delivery alternating between R&B, Dance, and Pop vocal styles.

And wowzers for the hook! Do you hear those harmonies? We’ll repeat again: DO YOU HEAR THOSE HARMONIES? The man knows what he’s doing and he’s damn good at it. When you go listen to his past catalog, the growth is irrefutable. While Joshua Flores is most decidedly loyal to his signature sound, that of mixing R&B with Dance, he always finds ways to entertain and surprise his listeners.

Baby this is not your problem, I don’t have a reason to feel this way/ I know that you’re mine right now and I’m praying that will never change/ But I’m afraid one day you’ll wake up, realize you don’t need me,” beautifully follows the second verse still hot and catchy but with no perfect rhyming in sight. Something that one very famous singer has gained a reputation for. Sia! Is Joshua Flores going to follow in the same footsteps? Time will tell.

Right at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, as Insecure concludes its rendition, the public will have developed a swift affection for Joshua Flores. If you haven’t heard his repertoire already that is. The singer has this directness of emotional description about him that very few other names on today’s market can claim. Insecure is a breathtakingly complex song with a very straightforward melody. The counterbalance between the two polarizing elements is what stands out about this creation of Joshua Flores.

Song Credits: Joshua Flores – Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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