Miss Me By TL Jones, An RnB Classic In The Making

TL Jones showcases her impressive vocals, raw lyricism, and goes to bare her vulnerability as a woman tired of a lying partner, in her excellently produced single: Miss Me. With a sincerity that reaches you way past your phone’s screen, with a voice control that reminds you of the great RnB classics, and with flawless message delivery, TL Jones created a timeless record.

We’ve been through this all before/ The other times I’ve ignored/ The fact that nothing you say adds up/ And quite frankly, I’ve had enough” – go the first lyrics of Miss Me, building the mental portrait for us in a clear light, helping the listener understand where she’s coming from. It’s not the first or the second time, this, by definition, has unfortunately become a toxic relationship. And the following lines go to show just to what extent the disrespect has gone: “I’m tired of playing all of your games/ I think that I might know her name/ Your h*es are getting bold/ Couldn’t keep them in control/ And now you gotta go.”

With the introduction to the pre-chorus, we get a third element added to the bass in the background and the charming guitar: the drums. And a knife. Seriously. There is a knife in the music video right when the pre-chorus kicks in: “Nothing more you can say/ My mind’s made up, it won’t change/ There’s no one for you to blame/ For what this relationship became,” I wouldn’t dare to cross this talented woman. A woman feels love multiplied by a thousand. An artist – multiplied by a million. So think twice before breaking a female artist’s heart. 😉

When the hook arrives, we get why the title is Miss Me: “Miss me with that bullsh*t/ We might as well call it quits/ She’s obviously what you want/ You don’t even need to front” – an honesty that takes guts and self-respect that comes through the realization of needing to end the relationship. The vocals come front and center taking all of your attention, and there’s some delayed echo resounding in the back, adorning the production in a most intricate way.

It is notable how TL Jones manages to use her super powerful voice in a light manner, in a way that soothes your ears and doesn’t disturb in the slightest. Something pretty extraordinary to achieve, as singers with big voices love to belt and yell a tad too much. But not TL Jones. She’s letting the song take its own form without forcing anything. It is an outstanding, organic composition between the singer and the instrumental.

The music video does justice to the song, bringing us even closer to TL Jones. Seeing her facial expressions and flawless makeup you get 2 things straight away: this is a woman who knows who she is, and will not show mercy if done wrong. In conclusion, Miss Me is a golden RnB single that will resonate with plenty of women, encouraging the weak to stand up for oneself and walk away when boundaries have been violated. We need more of THIS in our 21st century world.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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