My Wave By Ka$ino, Rap Bars On A Groove Guitar Sound Way Better Than You Think

This new artist is on another level! Today’s featured act is Ka$ino with his song My Wave. Ka$ino turns out to be more in sync with the global trend than he thinks by incorporating a very special instrument as the standout element in his latest record, thus keeping up with the ’80s music trend revived in 2020 by artists like Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Jaden Smith, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry. My Wave is a song that grants the audience the experience of an excellently-produced instrumental, fun lyricism, dynamic flow, and most impressively of all: an amalgam of vintage groove bass and modern rap 😮 You heard it here first!

We get hit with that groove right from the start, possibly leaving some of you doubting that it’s rap we’re about to hear. But rap it is. After a good thirty seconds of pure music that only keeps getting better with each second, a couple of short voice bursts are presented to us as a smooth buildup to the artist’s hook: “I can’t let these n****s stop my shine oh no!/ No I ain’t with the clown sh*t I ain’t Bozo/ Got the plain Armani I ain’t gotta flood it out/ Don’t you ask me ’bout no n****s I forgot about/ I can’t let these n****s ride my wave/ I can’t let ’em ride my wave!/ Imma let ’em drown today!/ I’m da man now!/ Tough times make you crash out!/ We just runnin’ up the cash nowThe story of the self-made modern hero is implicit in Ka$ino’s optimistic tone. This is a young man realizing his potential and living his life to the maximum. And albeit being wordy, the hook pulls you in immediately leaving you wanting to google the lyrics and sing along. Well good news, we got ’em for you!

The first verse perpetuates the aforementioned narrative in a very new, creative way. Ka$ino actually borrows full phrases from the hook and expands them: “Got it plain don’t need it bussed down!/ Cause I ain’t gotta tell ’em that I’m up now!”, “I can’t let ’em ride my wave it ain’t safe now/ If you wasn’t with me from the jump, you can stay down”, “Tough times made me crash out/ So we tryna milk the cash cow”. We very much like how even the verse tends to sound melodic despite it being a rap song, a clear indicator of an artist’s ability to stay on pitch. :star:

After another hook repetition and that gorgeous, unexpected pairing between the rap artist and the groove guitar, we get introduced to the 2nd verse that artfully speaks on real-life circumstances: “Tryna get my n****s out the hood they ain’t mechanics/ But they like workin’ on them numbers they like mathematics/ I can’t even tell em stop! we like some cash addicts/ Know they hate that I picked rap they want me bad at it!” I know you will ALL relate. How many of us sucked bad at math in school but are good with dollars now? These bars are the best poetry we’ve read in 2020 😀 Ka$ino’s rich tenor voice, the sincerity transpiring through each word, and the innocent charisma making itself felt from start to end will have many wondering how come this guy ain’t famous yet? And we’d agree. He is too good! We also MUST mention the punchlines Ka$ino chose to end the song with: “All the hatin’ make me sick but/ Money the remedy/ I can’t stop till we all ball!/ I would still call it quits before I call y’all/ F*ck ’em if we fall off

That’s the face we made when we heard “I would still call it quits before I call y’all” 😀

Ka$ino’s jovial disposition on his latest release My Wave will put everybody listening to it in a good mood. This song is so genuinely satisfying that one can’t help but replay it. This is the type of rap we’d like to have much more of in the world at the moment. We DESERVE Ka$ino’s songs!

Song Credits: Keenan Richardson (Ka$ino) – artist, writer; Ronald White (Ronaldthatstoohard) -producer.

You do yourself a favor and add My Wave to your playlists on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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