Noa by Non Talkers, The Newest Pop-Folk Delight For The Soul

In a world where everything that was once taboo is now a recurring topic of conversation, the husband and wife Pop-Folk duo from Portugal is quickly becoming an international favorite to thousands of fans across the world thanks to their essentially conservative nature. Noa, the Non Talkers’ newest single, is rooted in the true story of the premature birth of their daughter with the same name and it beautifully drifts between the upbeat, summerish guitar riffs and the duo’s uncommonly mesmerizing harmonies. The latter is especially noteworthy when you realize that Marco is a baritone and Evita an unmistakable mezzo-soprano voice.

The joyous incipient piano notes are noticeably employed right away to create the very personal atmosphere that will later reveal itself to be a heart-to-heart ode by the parents for their daughter. The guitars, like treasured incantations, convey a fragmentary reality that helps the much sweeter piano become a bit more tangible. And together, the instruments draw the exclusive acoustic inspiration from the family addition named Noa: “You’re so much more than we could ever expect/ A beauty beyond compare/ We can’t handle so much love/ Contained in our chests/ You’re a diamond in the rough.” Marco and Evita’s voices carry the purpose of expressing adoration for their offspring and for the first time since the Non Talkers hit the market, the joy in their tonality is more than palpable.

The lyrical chorus of Noa feels more like a pre-chorus and the hook per se is neatly encapsulated without words by the instruments. “Noa you took us all by surprise/ Filling us we so much pride we cannot hide/ You’re the star in our lives,” captivatingly continue the singers while we grow jealous of little Noa. Whose parents published official songs for them? Not ours 😀 Jokes aside, the duo shows a particular inclination for uninhibitedly exploring their private lives in a most satisfying manner. You get glimpses and sincere insights into their story but never once do the details feel overbearing.

We also have to take the time to talk about the Non Talkers’ vocals on Noa. The married couple brilliantly syncs with one another and reverberate with power, strength, and volume more than ever before. If previously their records felt like a push-and-pull dance, now they’re a united front singing their hearts out for Noa. The effect is twofold: enthralling and soul-touching at the same time.

Determined to see the world, pretty stubborn/ Even before you were born/ With a smile that lights up any room/ Your free soul, makes every heart bloom,” goes the second verse. Here we’d like to share with you something never disclosed before by the Non Talkers themselves: “With our newest song, Noa, we first laid the music then waited about four years to better know our daughter to come up with the lyrics. She was born prematurely at 34 weeks thus us mentioning she was determined to see the world. We wanted to write a happy song that best depicted her brilliant mind and spontaneous nature.” The genuine confession and invitation into their family life is of startling novelty. Much too often artists try to portray a life that isn’t theirs or they have to yet manifest. But not the Non Talkers. Their music is who they are, what they do, what they’ve been through.

The bridge ladies and gentlemen, is where the home run is scored. The instrumental all of a sudden is stripped down, the tambourine sound is elevated, the anticipation increases, the sonic reveal takes places with Marco’s out-of-this-world yeah shout right at the end: “The apple of our eye/ There is no one like you/ That means as much as you do/ Yeah!” Beautifully done Non Talkers. Beautifully done!

After another repeat of the first verse, Noa comes to an endearing end. The song represents a humane softening of the otherwise deep and emotionally charged songs by the Non Talkers. Both intense and childlike, Noa is highly enjoyable, incredibly catchy, and outstandingly heartfelt. If there’s anyone in this world able to turn mainstream listeners into Pop-Folk fans, they are the Non Talkers.

Song Credits: André Marco Brantner Carvalho (Marco Brantner), Evita Mireille Carlo Barbiaux Carvalho (Evita Brantner) (the Non Talkers) – Singers, Songwriters, Producers; Paulo Jorge Baixinho Ferreira (Paulo Baixinho) – Recording and Sound Engineer; Luis Filipe Soares Alturas (Filipe Alturas) – Pianist; Jorge Fernandes Rasteiro (Jorge Rasteiro) – Electric-Guitar Player; João Filipe Dias Rangel (João Rangel) – Bass Guitarist; Ricardo Manuel Carneiro Silva Pereira (Ricardo Pereira) – Drummer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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