NOTE2SELPH by E.Smith, A Rap Leviathan Celebrating Self Reliance

We just might be at the end of the p*ssy rap era. ‘Cause we are tired of overly sexualized untalented industry plants claiming to be rappers. Flash news, y’all not! Luckily for those who forgot what true music sounds like, we got rappers like E.Smith who expressely designed her latest single, NOTE2SELPH, to celebrate one’s own strength and power. In her own words: “I always wondered why so many artists talked about disloyal people, keeping your distance, and how there’s really no friends in this music. Now I feel I know why. I did my best to give all I had to all those around me who needed it. But turns out, I lacked boundaries. I cried many nights, because I just wanted to know why me, the one that would always help other artists along the way, repeatedly ended up with nothing. That was the turning point. It’s time to take care of me now, time to look out for me now, time to focus on ME because when it’s all said and done I’m all I have in this game.

The initial doleful, sluggish-sounding piano has a massive sonic effect, as the use of an organic instrument intrinsically prepares the audience for deep meanings and real talent. And in only two bars, E.Smith drops two mind gems: “Live my life for today, ’cause tomorrow ain’t promised/ If being real was a test, I passed it with honors.” A prime example of a brilliant songwriter, when saying much in few words is your lyrical asset. E.Smith has a dynamic approach to flowing on the beat, for we notice her voice going up in pitch right before the middle of her lines and going back down in the second part. Thus the up-and-down effect execution tremendously helping with the earworm factor of NOTE2SELPH.

As the first verse progresses along, our favorite section of it is easily the following: “They did what’s best for them and now it’s my turn/ Shout out the ones switched up F*CK EM I let it burn/ One thing bout those tables, they gon’ always turn/ And every loss ain’t a loss but a lesson learned.” This is one hell of a comeback for the infamous tables that have turned. Use it next time when someone shows you their real colors. It’s more than clear by now that E.Smith is a radically different type of rapper. Think of all that mainstream conveys. Now think of something equally powerful but that goes against every single element of it. That’s E.Smith. Legend potential.

I did everything I could for everybody now it’s all about me/ And out of everything that I lost can’t complain ’cause that’s when I found me” – goes the first half of the hook for NOTE2SELPH. It’s very unpolished, almost lo-fi sounding, which reverts the vibe to the ’90s hip hop. When hearing someone on a record was the same as hearing them in person. (insert big eyes emoji!!!) It is truly painful to come to terms with the levels of current enhancement in the industry when you’re faced with someone as organically sounding as E.Smith.

The second verse comes in with some spice. The back vocals are intricately placed and smooth out the melancholic undertone. Production and post-production done right. “So I took a step back to do some self-reflection and in that I realized I’m divinely protected/ Humbly waiting my turn man I never hated/ Rather frustrated ’cause the love that I gave wasn’t reciprocated,” heavily land the increasingly personal bars.

From NOTE2SELPH alone, we deduct E.Smith’s dominant but luminous lyrical presence. The Rap artist seamlessly projects a mood of fierce endurance through the astutely detailed personal references and straight-to-the-point life lessons. An artist worthy of your time.

Song credits: Ericka Smith (E. Smith) -Artist, Songwriter; Devondre McGrew (DAY-ON) – vocals engineer; Alexis Schwarting (MIXEDBYALEXIS) -Sound engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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