Nothing Wrong by Hunter Root, An Acoustic Rock Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

So how do we explain this one properly? Here it goes. Think of the 50s’ Rock music but slowed down and dazzlingly adapted to today’s awareness of personality disorders. Yup, that sounds about right. Oh! And add a sultry voice with enough manliness to make you pay attention but sweet enough to not take it too seriously. That’s Nothing Wrong by Hunter Root. The guy just comes in, steals the show, and leaves with this unquestionable air of greatness. Don’t believe us? Watch the music video below yourself.

When asked about the music video, Hunter Root from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, says: “The inspiration for the music video was born out of the circumstances of the pandemic. Traveling and socializing wasn’t happening so I decided to create the beach scene that was in my head in my own backyard. It just so happened to be winter so I thought the contrast of a summery song in a winter setting would be vibrant, comical, and hopefully entertaining.” Oh, darling, this is THE MOST entertaining video we’ve seen in a good while. We’ve also unanimously decided the flamingo is the narcissist that you’ll encounter later on in the song and the fact that Hunter’s hat color matches the flamingo’s hot pink shade, becomes this symbolic feature of a toxic, push-and-pull dynamic.

To think that Hunter Root himself writes his songs top-to-bottom is seriously intimidating. Just listen to that intro! That gorgeous, velvety sound of multiple guitars vibing together will make any Rock or Acoustic Pop lover naturally obsessed with the musician. And as if that wasn’t enough, the man gets to some deep business real fast: “My makeshift mind is a million men/ Only gotten to know some of them/ Personality only runs so deep.” Sheesh! Did you catch that subtle but present growl at the first only? Then the cleanliness and clarity of his voice when he lets himself indulge in singing personality and the second only. It is unfair that some artists get to have gorgeous long hair AND breathtaking singing skills.

“I must unmask the masochist/ My morning mood depends on it/ We can make amends/ I’m still on the fence,” follows up Hunter Root. This fastidious lyrical detail concentrated on personalities and unmasking them is rather sincerely rooted in the singer’s own life.I wrote this song during a time that I was growing out of certain people’s company that no longer served me. Despite our differences, I wanted to move on with an open heart and mind as much as I could. That’s where the chorus of the song came from: an acceptance that we have unresolvable differences but coinciding is the goal,” shares Hunter Root exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The chorus is curiously and uncommonly integrated within the verses’ end rendering the effect of an ever-flowing melodic line. There’s not much that underlines the arrival of the hook other than hearing it repeatedly throughout the song, but with a changed third line every time: “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with you and me/ Long as we can be/ Rolling out to sea for free.”

The second verse is far more daring and arresting: “Can you detect a narcissist?/ ‘Cause I don’t want any part of it/ Just under the sun/ All is said and done/ She tried to say I don’t have to stay/ Don’t know how much longer I can play/ We can just be friends/ That’s the latest trend.” This palpable provocation and calling things by their name is nothing short of shocking. Here’s why. Imagine Eminem rapping this part instead of Hunter Root singing it. It would be a total, completely different acoustic experience leaning towards some very dark stuff similar to Cleaning Out My Closet. Hunter, however, whimsically adapts some jarring lyrics to the softest music and sweetest rendition. He is a legend in becoming. Also, pay real close attention to his future and past songs because you’ll find some strong stuff.

The bridge is heavenly, letting the music lead the record and speed up the pace. And sure enough, it eminently justifies Hunter Root’s credibility as a bonafide instrumentalist.

Nothing Wrong is an Acoustic Rock wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is such a strong showpiece that slight alterations would create immense emotional confusion rather than tranquility and happiness. Seriously. Hunter Root is the only artist we know that can turn some real dark messages into easy-breezy classy bops.

Song Credits: Hunter Root – Songwriter, Producer, Recording Engineer; Spencer Martin – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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