Please by TL Jones, A Hot-and-Heavy R’n’B Gem from Kansas City

There’s no need for much convincing when someone with TL Jones’s voice invitingly sings “Do something new, I want you to, cause baby I’m prepared” while in the background a fabulously rich R&B instrumental fills the room.I wanted to try a new sound especially with everyone around me saying my songs were mostly charged with anti-men feelings, which is not who I am. So I wrote Please to prove a point haha! I was feeling myself and I mustered the courage to give my first and only chair dance to date, right after a bad breakup. Please will help people realize that bigger women can be sexy too! We don’t all need to be a certain size or look to ooze sex appeal. I can still pull men and women with this FUPA!” shares notably sincere TL Jones for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. And indeed, the video we’ve got on our hands paired with the song you’re about to hear gets the message across rather instantly.

The alluring metal wobble strongly reminds us of Body Party. And rightfully so as you’re about to discover. With more force than usual, TL Jones sings: “Been waiting on you all day/ For you to get home/ My body’s been yearning/ For you all day long (I need you to).” The singer’s lavish voice carries an air of whimsicality and excels at preserving a flirtatious dynamic while singing in tune. As she picks up the pace, the lyrics get heavier: “Touch me, squeeze me, lick me, tease me, baby blow my mind/ Go fast or slow, you’re in control, don’t rush cause we got time/ Baby don’t be shy cause I need this done right/ Now come and give me what I want.”

The chorus then rings with a curious tone somewhere between begging and the joy in doing so: “So please (please)/ Don’t (Don’t)/ Release yet baby please just hold it/ Take (Take)/ It slow (Slow)/ ‘Cause I wanna savor the moment.” If you’re not 18 yet, close this tab NOW! 😀 The supporting back vocals fall in line with the wonderful vastness and warmth of TL Jones’s main lead voice. The melodic trajectory of the chorus is most appealing keeping up the rhythm from the verse but differentiating itself in the slowdowns like don’t, take, slow.

With a charming, coquettish intimacy, TL Jones adds to the hot atmosphere: “No need for pleasantries/ ‘Cause we’re way past that/ You know just what I like boy/ So cut out the act (I need you to).” The direct, colorful demands significantly boost the IT factor of Please. It started out on the safe side but now it’s getting wild: “Grip me up, I like it rough, baby just grab my hair/ Do something new, I want you to, cause baby I’m prepared/ No place is off-limits, I just need to get there/ So come and give me what I want.” The touch of danger brings about 50 Shades Of Grey vibes. Speaking of, we got a bonus for you.

Jump to 3:30 to see the fun part. “When I did this number, Please wasn’t even recorded yet so it was a full-on live performance. Had no back vocals, nothing to support my rendition. So, everything you hear with this performance is showing that this song was written and completed before I even released it. Secondly, as a bigger woman, I want to show my artistry. Not only do I get on stage and never use a supporting track, but I was also singing live and dancing and not missing a beat.” We would compliment the woman but turns out she’s very well aware of her strengths as both a feminine presence and as an artist. Being THIS self-confident and aware is part of TL Jones’s charm and brand appeal.

The bridge marches with the same sultry approach: “Baby I know that you want it/ Just as bad as I do, admit it/ I’m just being honest/ Baby I want your attention.” The unexpected high notes break into a ripple of epicness reminding us that TL Jones is intentional about every single deviation she employs during her songs.

The outro section of Please is resting almost entirely on the choir voices and the luxurious instrumentation happening in the forefront. Always the enthusiast for pushing oneself to the limits, TL Jones made Please become her newest showpiece denoting the singer’s strong vocals, producing ability, and descriptive lyrical arsenal. An artist of incontestable star quality with a song of undeniable flirtatious appeal.

Song Credits: Ty’esha L. Jones (TL Jones) – Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Engineer, Sound Producer; Jaz Brewer (64111 Studios) – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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