Re-Up by Gasner the Artist, A Flirtatious Country Record That Will Have You Drunk In Love

Gasner the Artist is back with yet another work of art, this time with a slightly more romantic tinge than Same Old 2 Step. The country singer’s newest release, Re-Up, benefits of an impact that stems from the endearing lyrics, Gasner’s voice, and the gorgeous music production. The thing though, this is not just Country. This is great Country. Re-Up is flirtatious, fun, and infinitely easier to consume than its competitors for it makes abundant use of a joyful narrative instead of the usual melancholy ballad.

When asked what instigated the creation of such a jubilant record, Gasner the Artist says: “This song is all about a guy who just met a pretty lady for the first time and has a great connection with her and he just can’t get enough.” Sounds like summer love indeed as you’re about to find out! And by the way, the hook is rooted in Gasner the Artist’s own location, (“I live Spring Hill, Tennessee right outside of Nashville,”) and serves as a crucial catchy compoment to the record: “Like Tennessee fireworks got me trippin’/ In the back of my truck under the big dipper/ I had a lot of sugar Baby that’s a fact/ But ain’t nobody kiss me like that/ Gotta re-up.What sets Gasner the Artist apart from the bunch is his songwriting ability. He is phenomenal at pairing generic messages, “fireworks got me trippin’,” with vivid imagery, “In the back of my truck under the big dipper,” that helps the audience connect with the singer in a most authentic way.

The first verse is cutely and astutely veiled in safe language albeit the activity indicating +18 attendance 😀 “Soft lips like cotton she’s a pretty little thang/ Got her tattoo showing through the hole in her jeans/ and I met her in the summer at a Whole Foods store/ She’s the healthiest thing that I’ve ever saw,” someone call Nelly! In his usual manner, Gasner the Artist develops a romantic language of his own, granting the listener a thrilling ride through this summer love. Notice how the breathtaking guitar suavely dictates the mood and direction of Re-Up. Bonus points for making layered vocals sound so cool. In 2021 that is very dated, but Gasner the Artist seems to be a magician as his sound feels irreproachable.

The second verse is nothing short of hot and boiling. “Give me some more of the same old thang/ Put that lipstick put that lipstick on me/ I can keep you on repeat rewind you all the time/ Bring your pretty little self here real quick/ You make me feel real good kind of tipsy.” Well if that is not considerable accuracy in describing the feeling of being drunk in love, we don’t know what else is.

This. Is. Unbelievable. Gasner the Artist actually found a way to merge autotune with Country music!!! We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t heard it directly from the source. The bridge section projects the image of flirtation meshed with respect and social distancing: “For sure I’m feeling kinda Kosher/ I love the way she be walking showing them curves/ I blow her kisses when I FaceTime her/ I show her respect and I barely know her,” for sure this is the coolest thing we heard since 2021 kicked off. Gasner, you are one creative individual.

In conclusion, Re-Up is filled with such bubbly segments both musically and lyrically that it brilliantly suggests to even the dullest imagination that something very personal and intimate happened here. Gasner the Artist is someone you should be keenly following for top-notch Country masterpieces.

Song Credits: Gasner Hughes (Gasner the Artist) – Singer, Songwriter, Composer; Additional participants: Darrio Green, Tylon Parker, Joseph Shumpert, Marcus Shorter.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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