Rough Sex by Oscar Biggs, A Barbaric Ode To Hitting All Kinds Of Home Runs

Let us start off with one clarification (or warning): whatever you think this song might be, is nothing compared to what it actually is. Think of your notion of getting down-and-dirty and multiply it by a thousand and then you MIGHT get close to today’s song. Oscar Biggs’s Rough Sex bounces off the walls with ruthless lyrics, immaculate hip hop production, larger-than-life vocals, and an overall bluntness that has laid dormant in the music industry until today that is.

If you thought you were going to witness a jazz session due to those first 10 seconds of pure, organic instrumental, Oscar Biggs thunderously makes it known: this is HIS record. “Here’s some porn rap for y’all sex fiends/ Peace to all the hot girls that just turned 18/ This is Hip Hop muthaf*ck’ Guns and Roses/ I love to bust nuts on sluts’ tongues and noses”, cheers to jaw-dropping lyrics from the getgo 😀 And just to clear the air about his personal preferences, the artist goes ham on the enumeration: “Skinny chicks, fat chicks, white chicks, black chicks/ I hit ’em back to back to back it’s called a hat trick/ Yo honey f*ck your boyfriend, you need a man-friend/ I bet you rarely get slammed and jammed in”. Despite the flow’s heavy cadence, Oscar Biggs manages to illustrate a conversational mood by inflicting emphasis on words like “honey” and “man-friend”. He evidently has the skill to entertainingly rap while abiding the melody pattern.

With that sassy piano in the background and the imposing drums, Oscar Biggs goes to rap the chorus, but not before shocking the audience with a very explicit portrayal of… interesting scenarios: “I ain’t just some cock I’ll blast you on the spot/ With multiple c*m shots I can get dykes to c*m swap/ It’s insane how some girls love f*ckin’ yo/ Don’t bug me for money tho, I ain’t got nothing h*e quit frontin’ blow”, applause for the last line, we weren’t ready for the frugal lifestyle mention 😀 albeit being vulgar, Rough Sex will bring a healthy dose of amusement to those capable of getting the jokes. And as promised, in comes the authoritarian hook with characteristic energy: “Slap you in the face, pull your hair, this is rough sex/ Hands wrapped around your throat, choke you hard, rough sex/ Seeing you struggle turns me on, this is rough sex/ Had enough b*tch, shut up and toughen up, it’s rough sex”.

Yup, this is pretty much your face when hearing out Rough Sex: a whole lot of bewilderment, equally as much appreciation, and a dash of laughter.

The second verse proceeds to expand on the money-smart behavior (LOL), “I ain’t gon’ give you all types of sh*t, b*tch I ain’t Santa Claus/ My game’s smooth like butter/ All I got for chicks is hard d*ck and a muthaf*ckin’ rubber”. We’re willing to bet, if a guy actually posted this up as his Tinder description, a lot of chicks will indeed fall for it with the intention to break his self-proclamation. See? Oscar Biggs is a hell of a generous artist as he’s giving you free game on economics and smooth-talking 😀 The rapper then shows off his impressively-vast offensive vocabulary by targeting “the other man”, well in this case, the main one: “Hardcore girls call me when they man’s at work cause they want more/ Yeah I f*cked your b*tch and sh*t, she told me your cock small/ Quit runnin’ your lips or I’ll show up in your block hall/ And put you on my Razors Edge like Scott Hall”.

The 3rd verse is the ungodliest yet, peaking in some pretty dark themes, “F*ck your sex life I got a better story/ If we start datin’/ Imma piss on your face to mark my territory/ I’m a nut case I’ll dominate you f*ck face/ You gon’ be my slave I got rope and some duct tape”, but then again, this is Oscar Biggs. This is what the man is known for: IDGAFness, furious lyrics, matching domineering boom-bap music, strident flow, in other words, a modern Rockstar.

Rough Sex is not for the faint of heart, church people, or easily-offended individuals. It’s created by an artist with thick skin for like-minded personalities. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, those that do like it, go all the way in to heavily support the creator, aka Oscar Biggs. We call it the Marilyn Manson effect. For those wanting to immortalize a moment of greatness from this upcoming artist’s evolution, make sure you cop yourself a Vinyl on

Song Credits: Songwriter and Performer – Guillaume Tranquil Richards “Oscar Biggs”; Beatmaker – Jon Gorton ”Johnny Slash”

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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