Same Old 2 Step by Gasner The Artist, A Splendid Country-Pop Showpiece

If you’ve never given country music a try, we got just the song to initiate you. Same Old 2 Step is a country-pop jam that will uplift your mood, calm your senses, sweep you off your feet with its delightful appeal, and will suddenly become your new go-to song for a romantic evening. Gasner The Artist is here to make history and you should consider yourself lucky to witness it.

We did a slow dance to our favorite song/ Got the same chemistry like she never left me/ I get the same feeling when we slow grind/ Got me reminiscing ’bout all the old times/ Girl we still got that same old two-step/ I know you still love me” who wouldn’t wish for a love like that? Gasner The Artist brought the hook to the audience almost as soon as the song started, making it an instant earworm. And that voice… A blend of warmness, maturity, and that sexy, slightly nasal, characteristic country music tone. It’s a song you will like right away and a voice you will want to get closer to.

The 1st verse intimately connects with the listener by portraying the couple’s dynamic: “I ain’t gonna let you go this time/ Stay with me for life/ I promise gonna treat you right/ I really miss the days/ When ya used to do that thang/ Witcha hips then ya turn around/ And ya do that little dip/ Right hand in mine/ Spin ya round one time/ Then I pull your body close to mine” – my breath just paused. Friday night goals right here <3 This romantic narrative just keeps getting better and Gasner’s voice is undeniably of the utmost importance to the substance of the song, managing to reflect the love and excitement in his vocal delivery.

Those short moments where his voice drops almost to a whisper (such as the end of each hook), are a classic staple in country music and make Same Old 2 Step flourish even more through the alternate use of modern techniques and old ones alike. Another snippet I earnestly commend to your attention is the 03:00 moment. Did you hear THAT? I haven’t heard quality singers like this in a very long time. Not in the mainstream media at least. The only one coming to my mind right now is Jason Derulo. On a most serious note, I truly believe there’s an abundance of awaiting reception for Gasner The Artist on a global scale.

The Same Old 2 Step is a splendid record from all points of view, even showing genuine vulnerability with a tiny window to the past in the following lyrics: “You’re the melody of my heart/ We never should’ve been apart/ I’ve paid and I know better now”, now we want a 2nd part where we get to sip some tea and find out what he did wrong (insert eye emoji). Amusingly it has that pulling force that will enable you to continue following the singer, Gasner The Artist.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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