Say You Love Me By Mark Klaver, The Angelical Love Ballad You Will Adore

Mark Klaver is an artist of perceptible quality, delivering the audience an incredible vocal performance and soul-bearing lyrics in his latest release, Say You Love Me. With mostly just a piano and light ambient touches, this record reverberates of individuality and creativity. Say You Love Me is far from your typical love ballad. It’s a masterpiece that deserves you to devote all of your attention on it.

You weren’t always in my mind/ I was alone and in the dark until you saved me/ Yeah I was lost and left behind/ I was broken up inside until you changed me.” opens up Mark Klaver. Right from the start, you clearly understand this is a singer of high caliber, as Mark is able to stay on pitch and control his voice while singing very airily, subtly but quickly alternating between high notes and low notes. Another equally remarkable feat is his ability to express such pure emotion. In case you’re not a musician, just know it is almost impossible to sing correctly while putting in raw emotions. You do that when speaking without even thinking about it, but try to sing your next argument in the key of G minor. WE DARE YOU.

The second part of the verse is both relatable and worthy of envy. Relatable for those who have found their true love, and enviable for those who have yet to experience a connection so deep: “I was fading away/ Just going through the motions till ya came around/ I thought you’d leave me/ But you stay/ You’re still here somehow/ Don’t let me down” as real love is stable, strong, and becomes eventually your soul’s foundation.

In the very intense hook, Mark Klaver skillfully combines the feelings of received love with fragments of his own thoughts, comparing the affection he was gifted with, against his own insecurities and self-doubts: “You say you love me(x3)/ I wish you could show me what you see/
You say you love me (x2)/ I know you love me/ But how could you love someone like me?”

The second verse, albeit shorter, is heavily absorbed in confessions followed by the fear of losing the other person: “I’m thinkin’ with my heart and not my mind/ There’s no logic that could change the way I’m feelin’/ No I don’t wanna burn this down. Like I always do/ Am I losing you?” Here we must discuss how Mark Klaver has this innate performing ability to hold his grip on the listener while keeping the same vibes from start to end. He’s got that magnetic je-ne-sais-quoi that keeps you glued to his voice. One A-lister that came to our mind that heavily displays the same ability is Shawn Mendes. Yeah, that’s the league Mark Klaver is going to find himself in very soon.

The production is to be admired, making the entire mix sound wholesome and complete with few components, and making incredible use of Mark’s voice to fill in the spaces. The vocal tracks are crystal clear, rendering even the slightest whispers into strong melodic pillars.

Say You Love Me will leave a lasting impression on you and will serve both as a sincere companion and a diary page, when you choose to conceal your romantic feelings from the outside world.

Song Credits: Yoe Mase – producer and engineer, Mark Klaver and Yoe Mase – songwriters

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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