Set Free (Remix) By Vinny Vincere, A Spiritual Rap Record Of Considerable Eminence

We like what’s happening with the state of Hip Hop and music generally on a global scale. Artists are leading the moral change in humanity’s consciousness and we’re here for it! Vinny Vincere is a rap artist who’s part of this new age. His release Set Free (Remix) carries the same type of gravitas that the likes of Tupac ignited in the world in the ’90s. It dramatically and poetically addresses the sinful ways of the people like the aftermath of a battlefield, break free –slavery- mainstream-obscene-grand schemes- foreseen, woah.

As you’re about to find out, Vinny Vincere’s Set Free (Remix) is deeply rooted in his personal life. In the songwriter’s own words, “Salvation came for me at the age of 26 when I was in direct line of sight with the barrel of a gun. I couldn’t tell you how I survived that night, but I was sure of one thing. I was set free,” shares Vinny for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The opening acoustic guitar followed by the airy-pitched synth gives the record an air of somberness. “I’ve been going through it/ For a long time/ Pressure from the world/ That’s a hog tie/ Life is ’bout a minute/ Watch it move like flash/ Everything gon’ disappear/ Fade the black,” raps Vinny emphasizing the ephemeral state of human life. The tenor voice dominates the instrumental being subtly harmonized by the same synth from the intro. And with a smooth transition, the drums kick and the artist speaks directly about his views on the twisted world we live in: “Before they kill my seed I’m dipping out like Mary Joseph/ ‘Cause all these Herods trippin’, buggin’ mad cause God chose us/ Only in Him I focus/ Not on these worldly things/ I see the crowd bouncing/ Up and down like springs.” To be noted the artist’s fluidity in rhyme patterning as he seamlessly switches between both the ending sound groups and the length of the bars.

The hook is majestic and surprising as it bestows gorgeous vocals from our rapper. Yes, Vinny Vincere is a very good singer as well: “Glory Hallelujah/ All I want to do is just set free my people/ From a world that’s’ really just so evil/ Break free/ Slavery/ Mainstream/ Obscene/ Grand schemes/ Foreseen woah.” His voice doesn’t crack even once and he manages to add a theatrical oomph through the phone-filtered ad-libs resulting in a spell-like after-effect. Splendid!

The second verse is responsible for some apocalyptic imagery but always executed in the same super commercial, incredibly catchy mannerism: “Straight through the valley of the shadows we don’t fear death/ We’re armored to the T, the Lord keep us shielded/ I am a child of God/ Just know the father’s coming.” We also observe how the flow speeds up during this second part of Set Free (Remix), subsequently sealing Vinny Vincere’s considerable eminence in song structuring and songwriting.

After a most melodic outro, Set Free (Remix) comes to an end. In conclusion, it is clear as day that Vinny Vincere’s spiritual narrative is efficient in particularly captivating the audience. His rhyming style is exceedingly ornate and elaborate. The way he lays his verses on the beat is of a grandeur comparable to the biggest of legends in Hip Hop music. We approve.

Song Credits: Vincent Varcasia (Vinny Vincere) – Artist, Songwriter; Roger Garcia and Marcus Jackson (Eneromusic) – Music Producers; Jeff Bellamy (TracKings) – Recording and Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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