Slip N Slide by King P, A Dance-Rap Bop With Miami Shine

King P, the Jamaican-rooted Hip Hop artist and multi-instrumentalist residing in Tallahassee, Florida, is on to some serious damage with his Slip N Slide bop. It is a record that rings most positively with eccentric lyrics laid on a Miami-infused feel-good instrumental. Remember Flo Rida? Yeah, us neither. That’s why it’s high time for King P to rise! “Producer Rockomal 1/2 of the group Suns of Atliens played a few sounds but this one stuck out to me and I immediately started creating in my head although he had moved on. Later, I asked him to go back to that one instrumental that struck a chord with me. I tried to incorporate Cali vibes but the sound and beat felt too much like my hometown Miami, Florida which is probably why it felt so good to me,” shares King P exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

As soon as the synth hits and King P hums, you know it’s gonna be a party record. And not just any type. One of those get-together events when the atmosphere seems unsurpassable and you know you’ll cherish the memories for years to come. And we’re right on the money as the music video for Slip N Slide matches Good Vibes in superior quality and post-production features. Given the times we’re living, King P is powerfully and optimistically altering the audience’s view on the outside world. The more you watch the visual, the more you wanna live in it. Also, we need a tutorial of the choreography for the hook section! And a link to the colored shorts. And a free test drive with that lime green ride. Okay, we’ll stop now 😀

The stupidly catchy hook is one to memorize because you will have that much more fun singing along to the record: “Straight Vibin, I’m shining/ We sticking and rolling/ We jukin’ and boppin’/ Trees blowing, booty poppin’/ Panties dropping, Pull out the stick/ Now ride!” And with this distinct air of confidence and a melodic trajectory of the song, King P delves into rapping hastily but clearly: “My slime on my side/ Finna pull out da nine/ If you rolling, den roll/ Stop popping dem vibes/ My team on swole/ My bling on woe/ My team don’t fold/ We keep da bank roll/ Me rock dem shows/ but they don’t know/ These lonely roads make my dreams unfold.” While noting the proud but self-contained nature of the artist, we also observe King P’s unique competence of rhyming short bars. For those unaware of Rap constructs, it is much easier to take your time to create a pattern with a large array of words than it is to create something coherent, appealing, and substantial with curt bars. And thus, King P blazes into flames of uplifting emotions even when taking on the rapper role.

Not one to get too comfortable on his records, King P switches up the pre-hook dramatically in pace and delivery now reverting back to the singer self: “If you vibin’ with me/ You know I got what you need/ We rolling, boppin’ on key/ I keep a couple on me/ She want me down on one knee/ But I don’t love you honey/ This music all that I need/ Air that I breathe!” Remember when we warned you about eccentric lyrics? This is just the beginning of it! 😀 Honey, whoever you are, this is not the time for real feels. This is the time of carefree partying and pursuing a successful music career.

You’re ready for this? ‘Cause it’s about to go down! “Baby, come take a ride/ We ’bout to slip ‘n slide/ It’s Mr. Good Vibes/ Dat boy from the 305/ In LA we all the way live/ And she liking my vibes/ She a sexy thang/ Holding my dangling jangling, jangling/ Jiggle it back and forth/ Time for some intercourse…

If you’re not familiar with the terminology, go google it because if we link you the meaning we might end up on the wrong side of the internet 😀

Slip N Slide ends on the hook leaving us in awe of the singer’s energy, versatility, and rebellious touch. King P is a roguish character on the music market with a talent that far surpasses his competitors. The artist seamlessly completes a remarkable transformation from singer to rapper to audience hype man in only 2 minutes and 4 seconds.

Song Credits: Phillip Solomon Stewart (King P) – Singer, Songwriter; Stephen Thorpe (Chef God) – Songwriter; Jarmal Terry (Rockomal) – Producer; Outlawed Beats (Joseph Cohen) – Sound Engineer; KingP Entertainment (BMI) – Music Publisher.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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