Take You Home by Joshua Flores, A Flirtatious Modern Blend Of R&B And Pop With A Dash Of Rap

You might remember his stellar Quarantine Summer EP or simply his unmistakably unique voice. In his newest release, Take You Home, which features a Rap artist named MilesPerHour, Joshua Flores demonstrates his ability to manipulate a tricky, tantalizing topic with the greatest subtlety and vocal mastery. Not to mention the insane set of production skills this new talent is gifted with. He composed, produced, and wrote the entire thing, top to bottom, A to Z, alpha to omega. Just wow.

The heavy-sounding but smooth-edged synth kicks in loud and clear accompanied by the first ad-lib from the singer. Although the instrument is usually characteristic of house music, Joshua’s soulful yeah-yeah shifts the impression to that of an R&B record.

I’m lost in your eyes/ And the way you look at mine/ I’m faded/ I’m faded/ I get so high every time/ With your skin against mine/ It’s intoxicating,” leads the singer with palpable, natural individuality. Joshua Flores’s voice combines the traditional 2000’s mainstream R&B delivery with the progressive, melancholic undertone à la Billie Eilish. What a sweet spot indeed!

The second part of the first verse picks up in pace and heightens the tango-like flirtatious atmosphere: “We’ve been feeling the tension build up all night long/ And I know that you want it/ That you want it/ You’ve been asking all the time/ When I’m gonna take you to my bed/ And show you that I own it/ That I own it.” Albeit carnally charged, the narrative of Take You Home is executed in a most expensive, high-class style. Nothing gets too explicit, no borders are crossed, the content does not become rated R. We stan a smart songwriter.

When am I gonna take you home and show you/ Your body belongs to me you know it/ And all your love/ And all your love/ I’m gonna make you scream my name/ And babe you’ll never be the same/ Without my love/ Without my love,” proceeds Joshua Flores to sing dashingly flawless in a most relaxed manner. Note the small but astutely placed run on the last love in the chorus. It started off as a vibrato ending but then it turned into a softened run most delicate on the ears of the audience. Beautiful.

One verse and one hook in, there’s a more-than-obvious quality of radio-ready production shining at all times. Joshua Flores is the epitome of being independent and giving mainstream names a run for their money and star-packed studios.

The second verse finds the artist diversifying his melodic line and significantly reinvigorating the song: “I don’t wanna play no games/ The way you’ve been driving me crazy/ I think you need some time alone with me/ I don’t care if people think it’s wrong/ ‘Cause the way you’re turning me on/ I crave your sensuality.” Yet again, Joshua Florest left best for last and killed it with his superb rendition of sensuality.

With a linear flow, the second artist, MilesPerHour, raps with a dispassionate, cool, swag-charged directness: “Lately I been thinking maybe we could go for some drinks/ She hit me back talkin’ bout how long she been waitin’ to link/ I say that’s crazy, I been thinking that you fine/ All this damn time tryna figure out how Imma make you mine.” We also notice autotune popping which serves almost as a sonic bridge to the rest of the song. It gives off the effect of a slow-down before the final run-up.

The last chorus is supported by multiple back voices engaging in some splendid vocal flex in the background. If you’re not singing the hook by now word by word, you might need an appointment with an otolaryngologist. With that being said, the 3 minutes of playful courtship laid on the catchiest tune we’ve heard in May 2021, come to an end.

Take You Home marks a critical artistic flourishing in Joshua Flores’s musical palmares. The songwriter proved an immediate maturity through both the organic development of his lyrical arsenal as well as the ability to accommodate a second artist on the song. And of course, that sh*t catchy! But then again, when did Joshua Flores ever put out something that’s not an instant earworm?

Song Credits: Joshua Nicholas Flores – Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Sound engineer; Miles Johnson (MilesPerHour) – Artist, Songwriter.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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