The Chozen One By Hitman Chris, Phenomenal Progress Of 365 Days In One Song

He’s evolved, he’s improved, he’s found himself, he’s back. After exactly a year since the warmly received Twist It Up, Hitman Chris is yet again steadily and convincingly paving the way for his soon-to-be-renowned greatness. His newest release, The Chozen One, is a monochrome Rap work with no hook that delivers substance, entertainment, technical mastery, and poetic sensibilities. The fun part is that the man of the hour is well aware of his superior spitting skills: “I wrote The Chozen One to set a higher bar for artists when it comes to lyrics, delivery, cadence, and energy. I feel I am to be unmatched on,” shares Hitman Chris exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Starting with what would seem an aesthetically pleasant equivalent of Purge the movie, Hitman Chris shows up in front of the camera dressed rather casually but full of flair that he plentifully displays while smoking. The Beware Of Dog sign only adds to his villainy character.

Acoustically, we get the classic high-pitched synth bell that instills a sombre atmosphere and hints of epicness. “Y’all ain’t even ready for the regime/ I spent ten plus years to find the I in team/ I told my diary that I would be the goat/ And look lo and behold I’m spittin’ comatose/ ‘Bout to overload, step back any time you feel like stepping to this Juggalo,” fervently raps Hitman Chris in an almost scholarly style. He takes his time to explain the situation, gives details on it, and uses plenty of dictionary-approved idioms. Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise came to mind.

The artist employs a superb technique, although we assume it happens subconsciously, of syncing his body and face movements to the bars he’s spitting. Case in point, when he covers his eyes right around “You got a better chance of making the blind feel you.” Well damn!

Hitman Chris presents something extraordinary to the audience, to us, in The Chozen One, and that is… A stunning mastery of diction. Just peep with how much effortlessness he spits the following bars which we challenge you to keep up with: “H-I-T man he spit it incredible/ Couldn’t see me on my level, even with the residuals/ Bet you thought that I was out, but I just stepped to the game/ ‘Bout to carve my f*ckin’ name in what you thought was your lane.” That last setup is worth its weight in gold.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the confidence that strongly reverberates in Hitman Chris’s voice when compared to Twist It Up. One year and yet there is a huge difference. That one sounded like a sophomore Rap version of himself while now he’s graduated to veteran status. A quality that’s mirrored by his brand image as well. The simple, unadorned look he’s adopted while being naturally sophisticated is something the likes of Jordan Jeffrey Baby can only dream of.

At 1:15 the beat drop marks the beginning of the second part of the song, aka the villain comes to light: “No more Mr. Nice Guy, time for me to get ruthless/ Don’t bother steppin’ your image is all see-through/ Soft ass p*ssy, you n***** is all seafood/ Yo we armed to the teeth, someone call the police/ When my n***** see food then on God we gon’ eat.” Obviously far ahead of his peers, Hitman Chris concocts his rhyming schemes with the same audacity he belittles no-good emcees. He’s so bonafide skilled at putting wannabes in their place that it becomes almost a fascinating passion felt all the way through the end. Good stuff.

The Chozen One is a pompous title but Hitman Chris, when compared to the plethora of upcoming rappers, actually delivers on the promise. His uninhibited love for what many would call, true Hip Hop, is transparent and stands as the core upon which the entire narrative of the record is built.

Song Credits: Christian Cobaxin (Hitman Chris) – Artist, Songwriter; Mario Villegas (Emvee) – Producer; Pablo Gonzalez (Cruize FX) Music Producer, Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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