The One You Need By Tayiha, When Heartbreak Sounds Ironically Awesome On A Pop Song

In a world where we got myriads of artists coming up daily, we lack the very core of radio music: good pop songs. Fortunately for you, we’ve discovered a delightful pop record by Tayiha. With a crystal clear voice, perfect pitch, a sweet tonality that denotes confidence at the same time, and lyrics that when studied closer unveil a strong woman, Tayiha’s The One You Need is more awaited in the current music industry than ever.

The opening of the song, at 00:10, sends you a direct memo of Tayiha’s voice, very light, soprano register most likely, but weighty in its delivery. It’s not a shaky airy voice, it’s a well-controlled breezy tone. The initial lyrics seem rather gloomy in their message: “Every day, I see your face/ You’re not looking at me/ You can’t deny/ That she’s on your mind”. But then interestingly enough, Tayiha shows she’s confident in the relationship and is not blaming herself in the least: “I’m hoping that you will see/ That we are already enough/ So let’s not give it up”. Her assurance goes in sync with what’s happening to the instrumental in the background, the drums picking up in frequency along with the synth.

The chorus is very melodic and energetic, think of Break Free by Ariana Grande, and calls for the other person’s awakening to the damage he’s causing: “Don’t turn away baby/ You’re choosing her and losing me/ But I am the one you need/ Oh Oh Oh/ Open your eyes and see”. It is impressive that Tayiha chose to witness the events rather than influence the other person. It shows maturity and respect for all parties involved. It is to be mentioned the way she closes the chorus with “The one you need” on lower notes than the rest of the hook, reverting the fun to a more serious question.

When we focus on the production style, The One You Need is simple and immaculate in its instrumental, with the main voice leading at all times, being accompanied by backing vocals every now and then, and with smart use of synthetic instruments beautifully meshed together without feeling too intricate. A light pop record that is easy on the ears and super replayable. The number one issue with pop songs, usually, is that they very soon tire you, but Tayiha managed to create an earworm by keeping it intelligible and straightforward, both music-wise and lyric-wise.

Our favorite part of the song, which we also shortly spoke of in the beginning, is the following: “Waiting for the silence to break/ Between you and me/ She ain’t worth your time/ You need to realize/ If you’re too late/ I won’t wait” this is gold right here. Put simply, she will walk away thus nobody is above her self-respect. A strong indirect message to all women in the world who stay in toxic relationships until it consumes them. Listen to Tayiha and walk away if your requirements are not met.

If you enjoy the likes of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, or just want a break from the heavy records, The One You Need is the song for you!

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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