V2.5 By Antone, A 10-Song Engulfing Techno Punch

Antone seems to have the gift of musical magnetism that draws both shock and admiration from the audience (if you haven’t checked out our past analysis of his Neon City and Party Starter EPs, do it now). His V2.5 project revels in a party atmosphere with heavy interplay between cosmic-sounding synths and catwalk-like techno music. With his well-known ability to transform one record from its baseline to a distant derivative of it, like transforming a techno track into a modern EDM one, Antone yet again provides his fans with an electric punch. Turn the volume up and get immersed in Antone’s universe!

1. Clanky Starz

The inaugural track, Clanky Starz, is perfectly described by its title. The instrumental legit sounds like stars pulsating metallically in the sky. The intermittent electro synth gives the impression of sophistication and fine taste. With an optimistic undertone to it, you could easily envision a couture fashion show and the models walking the runway to Clanky Starz. Through the mid-section of the instrumental, we get a subtle but harsh-toned synth that reminds us of Rihanna’s Shut Up And Drive. Exquisite choice of instruments. As the song progresses, the feeling of an impending party is ever-so-present, becoming very serious towards the end of the one minute and twenty-nine seconds.

2. Omega

The title begged for some research. Omega by definition, according to Wiki, is the final letter in the Greek alphabet, often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set, in contrast to alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Is this the smallest star inviting us to the all-exclusive techno party where Antone is the Dj God? Maybe. Worth noting that the 2nd most famous search result will be the Omega Constellation Swiss Watches. They are amongst the most expensive watches in the world, ranging from 10 grand to being sold for MILLIONS at auctions. So we kinda hit the nail on the head with the initial description of high-end fashion. Let’s just say that Antone would be THE ideal choice as a DJ for luxury fashion shows.

The instrumental has a complex-motif tendency with two concurrent electro synths stealing the spotlight. The house sequence that gets imported on the track at around one minute, is very abstract in its tonality but a welcome change, giving a splash of color to the musical atmosphere. And as it moves forward, Omega becomes very club-ish at around two minutes and forty-five seconds. The cadent rhythm makes for a very satisfying ending, cohesively bringing the song to its parting point.

3. Orion

Orion is the third and the best song of the three so far. Energy-wise, it sounds and feels more spatial, carrying the name of the most famous constellation known to the human race. The bonafide techno record indulges in its very melodic catch-pattern that follows a somewhat-cold musical introduction. The incredibly appealing song is proper for driving around the big city at night, for letting loose on the dancefloor, and for why not, a home party when you’ve decided you’ve had enough of Netflix and want to move instead.

This is techno music at its finest. Orion is decidedly one of the standing pillars of V2.5, with beautifully-smooth transitions from one melodic sequence to the next. Antone made sure his characteristic synths are well-intercalated within one another and kept them engaging albeit taking a monochromatic shift towards the end of the track. The latter though makes for a very sexy, enticing mood, sounding like a push-and-pull flirt game between two strangers who’re eyeing each other for the first time in a nightclub.

4. Blue Myst

So V2.5 obviously gets better the further along you get on it. Each following song turns to be better than its predecessor and brings forth new fun elements. Blue Myst starts off very intriguing, mysterious, dark in its vibe. We also notice a second, airy synth layered on top of the base instrument, which is frigid in its presentation and very monotone. The resulting effect is a sweet mood of perfectly-balanced instruments, rendering Blue Myst an excellently-produced modern techno track. The song will also find favoritism from trance-music lovers. After two-thirds of the record have passed, we get a super-danceable section that will have you moving, or at the very minimum, bobbing your head and flinging your hands in the air. If we had some famous singer on it, we’re pretty sure Blue Myst would break Top 40 on the Dance Charts.

5. At The Rave

At The Rave kicks off the track with a very promising, well-designed musical build-up. The oscillations of the high-pitched synth coming forefront after being subtly introduced in the background, is a nice touch of variety and dynamic. Generally, At The Rave feels like the calm before the storm, always making the audience think there’ll be some shocking beat-drop and then it never fructifies. The song also unifies the amalgam of instruments of the first part of the EP, exactly in the middle, being the 5th record. Despite feeling conclusive, At The Rave actually leaves the audience wanting more, thus eagerly pressing play on the next song.

6. We Know

We Know is a formidable follow-up to At The Rave, delivering musically and energetically on the promise the latter has made. It’s a song that fully stands on its own, feeling complete and thorough without even the minimal implication that a voice might make it better. We Know is also the most cinematic song off V2.5, giving off time-lapse soundtrack impressions. The dominant synth is heavy-sounding but never overbearing. If anything, it adds an oomph to the song, making it a V2.5 staple-record. Towards the last minute, We Know becomes very suave and light in delivery, dabbing again in house tendencies. Only Antone could chisel the song’s flow in 5 different directions in 5 minutes, starting with trance, continuing with electro, progressing in techno, peaking in dance, and ending in house.

7. Sidewayz

Sidewayz is a party-booster. One can start dancing from the getgo. It has a super infectious melodic structure, the heavy electro synth that Antone got us used to is majestically present, and it is most interestingly adapted as to follow a musical ascension rather than a monotonous baseline. Sidewayz is a holy mesh between electro, techno, and EDM music. The top contender for a large crowd-pleaser off V2.5. The end is spectacular with an imposing acoustic shock created by the gigantic groove synth.

8. Teleportation

This one is a reminder of Party Starter. Starting very colorful in sound, very eclectic, optimistically-toned, and with a hard-bass type of rhythm, Teleportation is a song of peculiar identity. Lasting an entire six minutes, it goes through multiple transitions and delivers different melodic substances during its evolution. What starts off reverberating a club-like ambient, goes to progress into a conversation with the Martians. Or astronauts at the very minimum. At two minutes and 30 seconds, we get what sounds almost like a lullaby. But not for too long. The techno-dance rhythm comes right back around three minutes, feeling like LSD for the brain. Call it advanced music art.

9. Meta

Meta, on the other hand, is a very laid-back, unusual composition. If Shakespeare was transposed to the future, this song would be the main theme. It seriously sounds like from a theatre play and not from a techno project. At barely one minute in, the playful synth slowly kicks things off reminding us what we’re off to experience on V2.5. The theatrical context persists throughout the entire song however, forcing it to an outcast space. It may be the orphan child of V2.5 but it doesn’t mean it takes away from the EP’s value. It actually adds variety points to the sound Antone’s become known for. Who likes avant-pop music or ambient music, might fall in love with this one.

10. Rumbo (Les Etoiles)

The French title contained in the brackets, meaning The Stars, is a triumphant statement to the preceding compositions. It’s the top EDM-sounding track, and a modern one at that. We don’t get none of the electric synth Antone’s heavily and repeatedly used on the whole project, we get instead a contemporary version of stripped-back house music intertwined with EDM elements. The man knows exactly how to end his masterpiece album. It’s very soft in sounds, warm in its appeal, and very airy in its sequencing. Rumbo is the bittersweet goodbye that rightfully brings closure to the audience with V2.5.

If we had positive impressions of Antone as a techno producer with his previous releases, those impressions have now been elevated to admiration status by his V2.5 album that proves to be his most gratifying project yet. Orion, Blue Myst, and Sidewayz are our top favorites which we’ve included in our Long Trips Playlist. If you liked him before, you’ll love him now.

:star: Fun Fact: The cover artwork was created by Jack Dulbin, an architect from El Paso. :star:

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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