Year IV by Money Matt, An Unrivaled Motivational Grime Rap Piece

Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio, Money Matt is back with a Rap record generously imbued with savagery, motivational ideas, lyrical eminence, and a bonafide grime instrumental. That’s Year IV for you. The rapper shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I wanted to show people that you can overcome adversities even in the darkest of times. For the past four years I’ve received a lot of criticism on my craft and unfounded opinions as to what I should be doing as an artist. Oh well, I just won my fourth award at the SEA Awards Ceremony a month before the song officialy dropped and I’m letting my accomplishments speak for myself.

The lavishly embellished cover art hints upon the epicness of Year IV. And indeed, the song commences rather menacingly with ethereal but subtle echoed voices in the background and a broken synth in the forefront. Money Matt is heard saying yeah and announcing his own name after which the rapper takes the less traveled road of featuring the hook before any verses: “Pulled up in the whip/ I’m gone/ Pulled up in the whip/ I’m on/ I’m just getting it like I know/ On my grind/ I’m going strong.” Wow! The man said y’all gonna be hypnotized right about now into getting your ass off the couch. The layered vocals with grave tonality behind them make for a goosebumps-inducing choir and the creation of the feeling of witnessing a live chant by some elite fraternity. Money Matt knows how to deliver his message with intricate sonic details.

Goin harder than before/ Gave a f*ck/ I never will/ Got bars/ Goin dumb/ Haters talking/ Let ’em squeal/ I’m just doin’ me/ Like before,” goes the opening verse. The Rap artist takes his time spitting his rhymes and has this effortlessness about him where he seems to be playing with the beat instead of trying to match it. The only one coming to our mind right now that’s made a name for himself with such a flow manner is Jay-Z. As Money Matt continues, he might be offering us the answer why he picked such a dark instrumental in the following bars: “In this life/ Only the strong survive/ The rest are weak and very frail/ I took a wrong way road/ Down a small narrow trail.” It would seem that Year IV encapsulates in its music both the success and the regrets that have been left in the past but that definitely took place at one point in the artist’s life. Think of it as a gray song. Not white or black, but the stuff in between which is honestly most of our lives.

The second verse, just as robust and assertive as the first one, brings us to the present day and offers a glimpse into the artist’s success: “From OH to GA/ I know I got a show today/ I’m turning up/ Drove the whole way/ No Greyhound/ No bus fares.” Then rather suddenly, Matt Mansour makes a promise to both the public and himself: “I’m gonna keep/ Pushing my brand/ ‘Cause I know one day/ I will prevail.” The passionate interest for his self-made path is constantly displayed “Had to put all my money down in it/ Monopolize with the chips/ Now I’m getting found with this/ Unique music I spit.” Steady, reflective, and brilliant, Money Matt is one of the most promising independent artists of this year yet.

The third and last verse efficiently unifies the message of Year IV by enumerating various accomplishments of the rapper: “3 awards/ 4 years later/ I know I done built some hate/ But I’m going too hard right now/ If you knew me/ Then you’d do the same”, “Now my name got more baggage on/ It than the airport baggage claim/ Money Matt been the topic/ But every one silently/ Conversates.”

Although seemingly egocentric, Year IV reflects a thrilling and emotional ride. The song is detailed but yet generic enough for every listener to easily find themselves in the lyrical content and redirect its energy towards oneself. A catchy but dark tune, a personal but public message, a loose but well-fit pattern, are the unrivaled ingredients that make Year IV by Money Matt so unique.

Song Credits: Matt Mansour (Money Matt) – Artist, Songwriter; Mateusz Galkowski (Foreign Made It) – Music Producer; Nicholas Harris (Let That Boy Cook) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Money Matt by streaming Year IV on Tidal HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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