You Decide By SprayCan Picaso, A Comforting Funk-Rock Jewel

You Decide is one of those records that give you the impression that it must have been a big hit in the ’80s that you’ve missed out on. Then you check the release date and you shockingly realize it’s brand new: June 23rd, 2020. SprayCan Picaso is deserving of its name, their latest song feeling like a music time capsule, with the production giving off Red Hot Chili Peppers vibes and their voice mix resembling The Beatles.

Starting off with rather imposing imagery (a homeless guy laying next to a “I was once like you” sign, masses of people protesting, and law enforcement officers making a point), the music video sets the message right in your face, while the song alone makes you drift off in nostalgic vibes. A most interesting multi-layered funk rock composition. These various nuances might be due to a considerable number of collaborating artists: Bill Schenk as the songwriter and lead singer, bass groove by Daniel Putnam Green, Erich McMann on guitars, Keith Leedham taking care of the background vocals, and video editing by Peter Kruse. That’s 5 people coming together as one project to ensure their craft’s message will be delivered in its entirety.

Bill Schenk opens up the track with the following lyrics: “You talk victory why feel defeat?/ You better stand up on the street/ Who soaks the rich who eats the poor?/ War is peace and peace is war?/ Yin or yang/ Black or white/ Love or  hate/ Left or right/ Free or slave/ Fight or flight/ Stand or hide/ Well, You decide!”, emphasizing the fact that life is all about choices, choices that are up to you, and you alone. We all live with this inside duality that feels rather energy-draining if not taken care of. As Bill says, it depends on you whether you’re determined to fight back against the system or if you shall admit defeat. You can actually see the impact these lyrics have on the listener by checking out the comments section on YouTube. Some very interesting suggestions and opinions 😉

As the song progresses along, you start hearing a more direct call-to-action approach: “We all must figure out/ Make a decision or lose in doubt/ Fly your flag, make that sign/ We toe a thin red line” – and while the message is increasingly pressing, the music stays steady and comforting, with Keith’s smooth vocals in the background completing those of Bill’s in the foreground. We must also give credit to that gorgeous bass groove present all throughout the 4 minutes and 17 seconds. SprayCan Picaso succeeded in creating a most charming funk-rock song with a modern memo to it. Originality at its best.

You Decide has this uniqueness about it that puts your soul at ease despite touching very serious subjects. You might even favor rap music but you won’t be able to skip this one. It’s that good. It speaks to your child self, when time and society were slower paced and the future promised to be gentler.

You can purchase the song and read the lyrics HERE, and stream it on YouTube HERE.

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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