Chris Crack, the Innovator of Modern Rap

If you’re just as tired as I am of mumble rappers, stay with me. Let’s say you want to listen to someone new, whose sound does not bore you and yet feels comforting. Good news! You’ve got Chris Crack. It didn’t take me much to find him. A Google search and he popped up on the first page. 5 minutes later, I know why. This guy does not compromise the sound quality, or visuals, or any aspect of his artistic persona. He delivers and overdelivers. A fresh break from the radio noise we’re shoved down our throats daily. Take a look for example at his music video ‘Pine Cones’

You get right off the bat his energy. He is both feet in. And best part? You get what he is saying! His fans find him ‘quotable’, ‘incredible’, and my favorite, ‘actual good hip hop’. Chris Crack manages to mix raw bars with dreamy sounds. His music feels like the inner voice in your head when you smoke weed and get philosophical. He has plenty of famous cosigns, but we’re not here to drop names. It is also incredibly impressive the amount of high quality music videos Chris has put out through the years: over 15 audio-visual masterpieces! You know what that is? Consistency! I predict a very bright future for Chris, a few more years, a few more music videos, the right friends, and this artist will be known worldwide. Cheers to Chris Crack, the innovator of modern rap.

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