Rihanna’s Top 5 Hottest Music Videos

Before she was a billionaire, Rihanna used to put out music every single year, for more than a decade. Check this out: 9 Grammy Awards, 13 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and 6 Guinness World Records. You do realize there is only ONE RIHANNA and we’ll never have another one? She’ll go down in history as one of the biggest pop stars to have EVER lived on this planet. Appreciate the Queen while she’s here.

5. Where Have You Been

This was the 1st music video where we got to see Rihanna seriously dancing and putting in real foot work. All the outfit changes, her perfect synchronization with all the dancers, her sultry looks, her mesmerizing eyes, definitely a winner. Standing at 463 million views, this video looks like a tutorial for what a pop music video should look like. Gen Z, take notes!

4. We Found Love

Who could possibly forget this masterpiece of a song and a BOMB video? NO ONE. And the fact that she picked a very Chris-Brown-looking-like male model, made everyone go nuts on finding clues and hints in the music video as to read more into their ended relationship. Oh, and it has almost 900 million views!

3. Rockstar 101

Probably one of her TOP UNDERRATED songs and music videos, standing at 65 million views, Rockstar rocks your mind with edgy visuals and an all-oiled Rihanna in a rock-infused ambient. Remember when she had super short hair and was always rocking the smokey eyes makeup look? Yeah, us too.

2. Te Amo

Released back in 2010, Te Amo gives us a huge tease between Riri and another woman. The music video and the whole song were much ahead of their time, way before anyone was claiming bisexuality. It was like the guilty pleasure song of many pop fans. It currently stands at 153 million views and keeps breaking hearts around the globe.

1. Pour It Up

Released in 2013, and currently standing at 360 million views, Pour It Up was THE STRIPPER ANTHEM for many years to come. Rihanna shared with us her inner exotic dancer in this music video and made many women give a double look at the visuals of this song. Some even questioning their sexuality in the comments section. Better than what City Girls are putting out right now. Riri come back and set the trends!

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