5 Things Billie Eilish Is Doing Right

Kids love her, most adults can’t stand her. It’s very much a love or hate relationship Billie Eilish has with the public and social media. There are however, whether consciously or subconssciously, things that she’s doing right from a marketing point of view. We’ve put together 5 things you could learn from Billie Eilish.

5. Your Music Videos Need To Stand Out

Xanny by Billie Eilish

Billie is so good at this that you might actually remember more of her videos than her music. From dark liquid pouring out her eyes, women on fire dancing in the background, fallen angels, cars drowning in water, to a bunch of hands ripping her clothes off and sticking needles in her back, Billie is a master of using music videos to her advantage. And it is so easy to remember her because her visuals are so out of line that your brain is shocked and tapes sticky notes in your memory of who Billie Eilish is.

4. Your Sound Has To Be Identifiable

photo by Julio Enriquez, 2019

A master trick that even some A-listers have failed to ace. Billie managed to create such an unique sound that she basically created her own genre: minimal sounds, multi-layered vocals, strong bass, ASMR-like vibes, distorted audio effects and lots of whispers. Who would have ever guessed before Billie Eilish that people will pay to party to this type of music? I know I didn’t. Find your unique sound and stick to it. Fans need to be able to recognize your style from the first couple of seconds of a track. Especially in your early stages.

3. Find Your Comfortable Fashion Go-To And Rock It

LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14: Singer Billie Eilish arrives for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Billie is sticking to baggy clothes and oversized attire. But that’s her. It might weird you out at first, but then you see another music video, another interview, another performance, and you get used to it and associate now THAT style with HER name. What’s something that only you can wear proudly? Or at least better than anyone else? Is it heels only? Sneakers only? Red clothes? Glittery clothes? Weird hats? Find something that is rare for everyone else but very close to your artistic persona.

2. Be Relatable But Not Overly-Common

photo by Lars Crommelinck Photography © 2019

Remember how people used to think that Michael Jackson is God-like and fans passed out at concerts? No? Me neither. Those days are gone. They have been gone for a very long time now. In a world of almost 8 billion people, we got so many bad things going on that people want to know they’re not alone, that someone somewhere is going through the same issues. It was cool in the 50s to wanna be perfect and rich because people were mostly happy and content with their lives. But now we just wanna related to someone like us. We’re done with idolizing perfection. Billie embraced her relatability and doesn’t shy away from talking about her Tourette syndrome. However, she keeps it light. Not too many details, not too much friendliness, not too many smiles. Aloofness will serve you right in the music industry.

1. Support A Cause

Billie Eilish at the 2019 Pukkelpop Music Festival which took place in Kiewit, Hasselt, Belgium.

It’s cool when you talk about yourself but even cooler when you talk about SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE, like global warming. Billie Eilish did a great job of promoting All The Good Girls Go To Hell due to the very relevant nature of the song and music video. You need to stand for something so that people can stand for you. Heck, you can very well write a song about a broken heart and make a music video instead about broken mother nature and given a 2nd meaning to the track, make it sound like it was intended with a hidden purposeful meaning. A lot of us are boring so we love to dissect visual material and read into it. Get your creativity on! And if you actually believe in a cause, even better! Make songs about it.

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